Friday, September 26, 2014

Staging in Tucumcari New Mexico!!

This was our home for the night just East of Amarillo.  Although I did see the 5 kitties, I missed the emu and the lama until this morning.  This little park filled up to the brim by late night and emptied out just as fast at dawn!!  For $12.50 a night, it's a good deal for sure.
We are back on Historic Route 66 ... you can tell by the old abandoned buildings and the groups of motorcycle riders that are passing us.  With a 75 mph speed limit, it felt like we were standing still.  Just the way I like it.  Cruising along a great highway enjoying the scenery!!
This restaurant that probably thrived in it's day has become Ricky's Towing Service.  I'd sure like to get inside and see what treasures it holds!!  I imagine Ricky has greased the place up a bit!!
All the trees of Kentucky and Tennessee have disappeared as we made our way across the high desert.  It's still beautiful though ... the recent rains have turned most of the grasses green and flowers are blooming!!
This was interesting ... an old silo looking very abandoned ... while the heavy haul truck delivered two big brand spanking new pieces of yella paint ... harvesting machines!!  That's not a misspelling ... that's what we call heavy equipment because of it's yellow or orange color ... wow, he's got some nice yella paint!!!
With a short 130 miles to go to our next stop, it didn't take long to cross into New Mexico.  I have to say, that out of every state we traveled through in the last 5 months, New Mexico is the proudest of it's state and has the most beautiful welcoming sign.  Some had small signs in the bushes that needed paint, some states didn't have any signs at all!!
This picture doesn't do justice to the yellow daisies alongside the road, but they covered almost the entire distance into Tucumcari.  
Finally we arrived at one of my favorite RV parks of the entire trip ... Cactus RV in Tucumcari.  The couple that run this little park are terribly nice and willing to do anything to help you.  The sites have 50 amp full hookups, for $20 a night with Passport America.  They even ask if you have a satellite dish so they can put you where it will work.  With big pull through level sites, it's a great one.  No reason to stop in Tucumcari you say??  It's the perfect distance between Albuquerque and Amarillo, with some great little restaurants.  The Route 66 history alone is worth stopping for, but the drive along the highway seeing all the neon-signed hotels, like the Blue Swallow, is SO worth the stop.  They have an amazing museum in an old brick schoolhouse full of interesting history and probably more spectacular murals than any city I've seen.  Course I only know that because Barbara and Tom brought me here almost 5 months ago ... and I can't thank them enough!!  When they broke down awhile back, they spend a couple of weeks here .. and loved it!!
Definitely go to Tucumcari Ranch Supply and say hello.  Do not, I repeat DO NOT, go to the Tractor Supply store that just took up residence here.  It's a perfect example of Big Business trying to put the little guy OUT of business.  Ranch Supply is locally owned, has been here forever and needs your support!!  They also sport THE BEST barbecue restaurant around, not to mention their donuts!!  Come on folks, spend the night at Cactus RV, stop in for lunch at Ranch Supply and check out old Route 66 downtown.   By the way, if you're a geocacher, this place is plumb full of caches!!

We had dinner last night with Bob Parker and Donna Huffer, major geocachers and friends of the Westerfields.  The Pow Wow restaurant was the perfect place to get caught up on conversation and filled up on Mexican Food.  What could be better .. good friends and good food!!

Time changed at the New Mexico border ... Mountain Time now.  I slipped the last time change past the puppies by keeping everyone up late playing.  I tried that again last night, but it didn't work twice in a row.  Cooper was bright and shiny at 5:00 a.m. 

We'll stay here for four nights, resting up and either emptying or filling tanks as needed for the two weeks dry camping stay at the balloon fiesta.  It's only another 120 miles or so to Albuquerque, so this is a perfect spot to stage for the big event!!

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