Saturday, September 13, 2014

It's Country Time .... Nashville!!

The country music capital of the world, Nashville Tennessee is our next destination!!  We started off under grey skies that stayed around the entire day.  That's not bad in my book, since it lowered the temperature to around 70 degrees!!
We cruised along the highways without much traffic most of the way.  There's not a lot to see except pavement, green trees and mowing machines.  What's amazing is the difference between Kentucky drivers and Tennessee drivers .... Kentuckians are nice, let you into traffic and move over when you change lanes.  Tennessee drivers are the exact opposite ... if they see your turn signal, they speed up so you can't move over!!
There was the normal construction, this time 12 miles of it.  The best part was the split lanes going our direction.  I didn't have to constantly check my mirrors for trucks coming up behind me, taking up their lane and part of mine!!  I swear, two more inches and one guy would have taken out my mirror!!
Lots of interesting things are being hauled around.  This boat Lady May was huge, as large as our motorhomes!!  I've never seen this many wide loads on California highways!!  Just like the previous days, it seemed we went downhill the entire way.  We crossed the time line into Central time and gained an hour .. YAY!!  Hopefully I can trick the puppies into sleeping late.  I know, good luck with that!!!
As we passed through the last big town in Kentucky, Bowling Green, it got added to the "must-see" list for next year's Louisville Skills USA meeting.  Lots to see here, including the National Corvette Museum and the Corvette Manufacturing Plant!!
Remember that turkey barrel with the english saddle??  I saw why as we cruised along the highway ... a large bunch, herd, gaggle, whatever you call them ... of wild turkeys were on the side of the freeway chowing down on the bugs from the newly mowed grass!!
As we came into Nashville, traffic got worse, as did the highways and off ramps that go every which direction.  They even have on-ramps for the on-ramps!!  After making several highway changes, going northeast before turning west, Barbara navigated us through the mess to a narrow two lane road that seemed to go into a local housing development.
I'm thinking not many big rigs come this way because the trees are dragging the top of my rig right and left.  I took up both lanes for maybe two miles, trying to stay out of branch range.  We're camping at a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers campground at J. Percy Priest Lake, just south (I think, we made so many turns, I'm not sure!!) of Nashville.  This campground is a fat finger out into the lake and most sites have a lake view.  We are so big, our sites were limited, but we got a beautiful one.  This is actually a pull through large enough for two rigs AND their cars.  We've already seen two baby deer and squirrels have been dropping nuts on top of my rig all morning!!  With 50 amp service and water, these COE campgrounds are just GREAT ... $10 a night.  Can you believe it??   

The campground hosts are semi-close neighbors of Bob Tiffin, Tiffin Motorhomes, so as soon as he saw my Phaeton, he wanted to talk!!  He even stopped by my site to chew the fat some more about what a nice guy Bob is and how he got started in business.  VERY interesting story!!
I was successful at tricking the puppies ... they slept until 5:50am!!  Barbara checked out the Grand Ole Opry, but tickets for reasonable seats were pricey, so we chose to skip it and hit the Tennessee State Fair!!!  I can't wait!!!  I've only been to one State Fair in my life!!  Yes mom, I promise to wear my boot and will take lots of aspirin with me ... cuz I'm NOT going to miss any part of THIS adventure!!

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