Saturday, September 20, 2014

Gilhuly Glass Sculptures!!

The Gilhuly Glass Exhibit at the Clinton Presidential Center was beyond amazing.  I watched part of a video showing how they create the larger pieces.  It's the colored patterns that I can't figure out.  These pieces are nothing short of amazing!!
His theory is that "glass itself, is so much like water.  If you let it go on it's own, it almost ends up looking like something that came from the sea" .. Dale Chihuly.  
I would definitely agree with that.  All of these pieces look like things I have seen while diving on the ocean floor.
This look like an alien garden from Mars!!  I wonder how many get broken while setting these up??
Pretty crazy and beautiful.  There was a show in Arizona last year that I missed, so this was a very nice surprise.

Up close you can see some of the fine details.
The garden was laid out on black glass or plastic, making for great reflections!!

These towers of glass look like either beautiful flowers or some crazy alien creature!!  You can't see into the middle they are so closely woven together, so I have no idea how they stand up.  This is one of his trademark designs, used in the outside garden exhibitions.

We left the Moose Lodge in Sherwood Arkansas, passing by the Pentecostal church.  There are actually two huge buildings here with amazing architectural designs.
One of the more unusual signs I've seen along the road, but never could get the camera out fast enough for a picture!!
We crossed the road into Oklahoma to a beautiful new perfectly smooth freeway, that lasted about 10 miles.  We were soon on such a rough road I was sorry I had even mentioned it.  Eventually, after many teeth rattling miles, we hit another good section.
All of Oklahoma seemed to be shrouded in a haze yesterday as the roads stretched out before us.  Temperatures were in the high 80's low 90's and humid humid humid!!
Some ups, some downs, but my dashboard computer said I was getting 12 miles per gallon.  I'll take that!!!  I have since passed the 25,000 mile mark in the two and a half years I have owned this rig.
We arrived in Checotah, home of Carrie Underwood, where Barbara found Onapa Campground and RV park with 50 amp full hookups for $14 Passport America.  It seems the perfect spot to stop between Little Rock and Oklahoma City.
This morning we're off again into the wild blue yonder!!


  1. Now you are (were) in my old backyard! Didn't the Clinton Library, from a distance, look like a very over-sized double-wide trailer? We (Arkansans) nearly died when the plans were first released since there is so many people who think Arkansans live in trailers. Anyway, from the inside it is a remarkable Presidential Library. Also, Toad Suck is famous for "Toad Suck Daze", a community music, arts, and food festival held in Conway (which is very close to Toad Suck)....draws LOTS of people from all over the place. Too bad you didn't stop in Fort Smith and see the "Hanging Judge's" museum and park, very interesting. They are in the process of building a National Marshall's Museum there which should be open in a few years. Hope you see the Oklahoma Bombing Monument....very sure you have tissue with you. -- Dave (

    1. Now that you mention it Dave ... lol ... actually I thought the building was pretty cool .. kind of cantilevered. Didn't remind me of trailers at all!! I read about Fort Smith and Judge Parker, but we opted for Oklahoma City instead. The Bombing Memorial was the most beautiful and well thought out I've ever seen. Very sad for sure. I think you can feel the presence of those lost!! I'll just have to come back for the Toad Suck Daze festival ... sounds like fun!!!