Tuesday, September 2, 2014

OWWWWW!! I Think It's Broken!!!

It's 5:00 am Tuesday morning ... 75 degrees outside and foggy!!  I can take any amount of cold, but I don't do well in the heat.  I'm pretty much a soggy mess!!  Apparently the guy parked behind me doesn't either, as his generator ran all night long.  The rig parked in front of Barbara and Tom ran his ENGINE most of the night!!  It's still going!!

Here's the understated home of Eleanor Roosevelt, including this gorgeous flower from her garden.
The rock house is where she met with friends and associates to brainstorm ideas on how to put America to work.  From this house came Val-Kill Industries, where they trained employees to make furniture.
The house is fairly large, but much more "normal" looking than you would think the First Lady would have.  We were not able to tour the inside, as all the tours were booked.  We walked the grounds before it began to pour down rain, got a Park Ranger to give us a golf cart ride back to the car and headed home.  Clancey's called our name as we drove by, so we had burgers and ice cream for dinner.  WINE ice cream!  Barbara tried several varieties, but after our taste test last week, I passed!!  
Yesterday morning, we buttoned up the rigs and got ready to go.  As I sat in the drivers seat, I pushed off with my left foot ... which slipped and whacked the push-pedal for the steering wheel adjustment.  I cried!!  When I told Barbara I thought I broke my foot, I don't think she believed me.  It wasn't too terrible, so off we went.  At least it was my LEFT foot.

This bridge that I shot last week, thinking it was the Poughkeepsie bridge, was in fact a PEDESTRIAN bridge that crosses the Hudson River.  I bet THAT has a good view!!
After going South on Hwy 9, we crossed the Hudson, and although signs everywhere said merging traffic was causing delays, we kept right on going with hardly any traffic at all.
You know every time I cross a bridge now, I think of Nick Russell ... wondering if he crossed this same one.
This was unexpected, but as you can see, about the only traffic was US!!  My foot is throbbing and I'm trying to hold it up level.  Since my toe wasn't pointing the right direction, I tried to reach down and "adjust" it ... but nothing helped.  
Wow ... we're just cruising along on nice highways with beautiful weather and no traffic.  
Then we hit the construction zone.  Not your usual half mile ... THIS construction zone was over ten miles long, according to the sign, and boy was it narrow ... and bumpy!!!  Things were clanging around in the back and I lost the doggy gate again, but I didn't slow down ... I just wanted to get there and put my foot up!!
There were flying deer signs all along the highway.  Rudolf must visit here at lot, although I didn't see any in real life.
As we finally hit Pennsylvania and better highways, it started to sprinkle a little, but not enough to slow us down.
We arrived in Grantville PA where we are spending the night in the Hollywood Boulevard Casino parking lot.  When we stopped for fuel at the Pilot Flying J ($3.84 for diesel), I could barely walk to the counter to pay.  Wow ... my foot is really bad.  I certainly didn't expect the pain I was feeling!!  At the casino, Barbara suggested I get it checked at an Urgent Care Facility, except unlike California, they are all closed on Holidays.  It's swollen something terrible and black and blue.  Definitely broken ... Yikes!!  I called my personal nurse Patty Chance, who said I might as well just wrap it up, use ice to reduce the swelling and keep it above my heart.  Now THAT takes some doing!!  Short of ice, my Margarita in a pouch worked pretty good.  I tried wrapping it, but the pain got the best of me and I cut it loose.  
I tried to sleep with it propped up, but you know how that worked out!!  This is definitely going to put a crimp in my activities for the next few days!!  Today we drive about an hour further West to an RV park in Gettysburg.

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