Friday, September 5, 2014

Paradise For Knitters, Weavers And Spinners!!

Not only that, but the owners of The Mannings, Carol and Ron Woolcock are Rv'ers also.  As Carol showed me the ins and outs of weaving machines so I could decide which might be best, Barbara checked out their supply of patterns and beautiful yarns.  Nirvana is what this place is ... it has EVERYTHING "yarn".  It's like rainbow sensory overload!!  Ron stopped in just in time to meet Tom so they could talk all things RV while we shopped.

They have a wonderful instructor named Tom that I got to speak to between classes.  What wonderful people they grow back here!!!  Not only did he confirm my choice of loom, but gave me the names of two groups in California within 60 miles of my house, where he teaches classes every year.  I can't wait to get home and contact them.  In the meantime, I picked up their class book and will read it cover to cover before arriving home.  The loom I want has to be shipped from the factory, so will have to wait until I return to California.
In the meantime, I scoured their store from end to end and found a few patterns while Barbara found several skeins of yarn and more patterns.  I was so intent on patterns and yarn that I didn't even take any pictures!!  Tom and Ron got along famously while they discussed the pros and cons of their rigs.  They were getting ready for a show, so we bid our goodbyes.  I'm sure we spent a couple of hours there ... I could have spent all day!!

However, RV's being what they are, we headed to Camping World where I dumped $200 on water filters, quick disconnects, one chock (so now I have two .. yay!!) and miscellaneous "stuff".  I'm still looking for a l5 foot 50 amp extension cord, but everyone seems to be out of stock.

Then we stopped at Dutch Country Restaurant in Hanover for some local food.  Tom had a shrimp and crab cake wrap sandwich that he LOVED, while Barbara and I dined on Dutch chicken pot pie.  When in "Dutch" land, you should eat Dutch food Barbara says!!

We made one last stop at Walmart, which turned out to be an eye-opener for me.  My foot was aching from standing on it too long, but I really needed some groceries.  Barbara and Tom said to jump in one of the electric carts at the entrance, but I just couldn't do it ... that's just not me.  Especially when a lady coming in behind us almost ran us over and was sooooo rude driving HER cart!!  In no time at all, my back and legs started giving me trouble ... this was NOT a good idea.  Barbara ran to get a couple of things for me on the far side of the store ... I only got half my list done and I was done.  Okay, I admit it ... I'm not that tough, and next time I'll use the electric cart ... ugh!!!

I'm totally beat and my foot is pretty angry, so I packed it in, propped my leg up and listened to Cooper bark because I couldn't play with him.  We had forgotten to stop at the HAT store, so Tom and Barbara went by just to see what they could see.  I swiped Barbara's picture from the internet, but I would guess that Tom got a hat!!!
Our time in Gettysburg is at an end.  There is so much more to see, but it will have to wait for another time.  It's not long before the Balloon Festival in Albuquerque and we have to be moving on.

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