Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Gettysburg .. Rain, Wind, Heat and Docs!!

We spent a very quiet night in the Hollywood Casino Parking Lot,  except for the guys that ran their generators and engines all night ... and of course the pain from my foot.   I drug the Margarita out for a little more ice time, but it didn't help much.  Tom took his rig over to Speedco for an oil change the day before, which they completed in record time, but they didn't have a filter for the generator.  The guys said if we came back in the morning, they could change that oil too ... and so we did!!
Traffic was awful ... all the truckers that didn't run over the holiday were on the road today.  Seriously, I don't know who designed the highways back here, but this is the craziest pretzel-designed system I've ever seen, with stop signs on the on-ramps!!  If I've said it once, I'll say it again ... Barbara is a master navigator!!
We crossed the Susquehana River, but I was so busy watching traffic that I didn't get any good pictures. One thing, it sure did get my mind off my foot for awhile!!
The lanes aren't exactly what I call W I D E ... and the truckers weren't giving an inch!!  One interesting thing I noticed is that they almost always come across the line when passing me ... so I pretty much stay to the right when I see them coming.  When they realize they are too close, they drive way to the LEFT when passing Tom ... and of course they are all going the maximum speed limit!!!
After about 45 minutes, we were out of town and into the beautiful Pennsylvania countryside.  
Of course construction is everywhere.  There was more road repair going on here than my entire Alaskan trip!!  The good news is we were minutes from Artillery Ridge RV Park and they were ready for our arrival!!  As soon as we walked in the door, they greeted us, already had our paperwork filled out and sites marked.  These people have got it together!!  In less than 5 minutes, we were driving to our parking spaces.  It's kind of tight in here and surrounded by trees ... but plenty open enough for satellite.  The muggy heat is what gets me ... it's 92 in my rig and the puppies are panting!!
Barbara suggested I find an Urgent Care Facility and have my foot checked.  Since I can more or less move the toes, I wasn't too concerned, but figured it was probably a good idea.  The girls at the counter gave me a flyer for Wellspan ... from battlefield fatigue to broken bones ... okay then, that's for me!!  I insisted Barbara and Tom check out town while I got my foot x-rayed.  

They have a weird system here ... you walk in, push a button for your "Letter" (I'm Q) and fill out some minimal paperwork.  From then on, they don't call you by name, but by your letter!!  Within 10 minutes they called me in to see the Doc.  Three pretty painful x-rays later by a sweet gal who was miffed that the Giants beat the Phillies in the Playoffs (maybe a little retribution there), and I was back in the Doc's office for the verdict.  Dislocated and badly broken.  Yes, I knew that part ... now what??  She couldn't believe that I actually was able to sort of relocate the toe ... "that must have hurt like hell!!"  Yes it did, but I was driving, so there wasn't much I could do at the time.  I now have two choices ... 1) go to an Orthopedic Surgeon in Hanover and have surgery to straighten the toe  or 2) leave it alone and wear this beautiful, classy fashion statement!!  If you know me at all, I chose the fashion statement!!
Yes, it still hurts A LOT!!!  The Doc didn't want to give me any meds since I would again be driving, so she said just take advil ... and explained how badly she felt for me.  I didn't tell her I have a pretty good stock of Vicodin ... one of which helped me sleep good last night.  

By the time I left the Doc's office, it was pouring ... like nothing I've ever seen before!!  On the ride home, my fastest wiper setting didn't even make a dent.  When I got to the RV park, it looked like a hurricane had hit the place.  Branches all over, people walking around setting their satellite dishes back upright ... what a mess.  Our two rigs looked fine as I threw a few big branches out of the way.  Once inside, it began to pour again with the tree tops trying to reach the ground.  The wind was crazy, but all up high in the tree tops.  Within half an hour, the sun was out.  
The Doc's recommendation is to keep my butt on the couch today and keep my foot up ... but since we don't have too much time here, Barbara says there is a driving tour we can take around the battlefield and I can hang my fashion statement out the window!!   Now it's again time for advil ... and a little Margarita!!

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