Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Superior is SUPERIOR!!

To tell you the truth, I'm sure there is one main reason this group meets in Hanford California.  I seriously don't think it's because we all like to tour this dairy town, or that everyone just can't wait to meet up and discuss the 60+ hours of work coming up in our future.

Everyone comes here for SUPERIOR!!  I mentioned this is a dairy town and here are the results of that we all have been waiting for.  Superior Dairy Products Company makes ice cream.   Not just ANY ice cream, but the best and CHEAPEST in the country.
It's probably a good thing I don't live here or I'd be 300 pounds!!  Just look at this ice cream sundae.  It's close to ten inches tall.  Kurt has the same kind of sundae, just without the whipped cream.  Believe it or not, this is  ONE .... yes a ONE SCOOP SERVING of vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce.

I'm going to let you guess how much this one scoop cost.  I'll tell you at the end of the blog, because you're not going to believe it, not to mention that it's one of the best ice creams I've ever eaten!!
Directly across the street is the town auditorium, painted a beautiful blue and gold.  It's a little weird with those colors, but it's a magnificent building.  
Sooooo ... back to the fairgrounds, we were all stuffed and miserable.  I even brought back half of my ice cream because I couldn't eat it all.  I swear it was a whole quart of goodness.  

We are spread out all over the fairgrounds, many with full hookups and all 50 amp.  I prefer to be on this end so the puppies don't bother anyone, plus it's just a shorter walk to the meeting building.  I'm not sure why anyone else hasn't figured that out.  
Still miserable from eating too much ice cream, it was time to whip out those bread sticks.  Turns out they were a little more trouble than bag-o-salad would have been.  It took me 45 minutes to bake 30 of them.  

Done just in time for the call to dinner.  You know the drill ... wait for your table name to be called.  Even though the line goes down both sides of the tables, I always seem to get in the slow line.  It just takes us old folks longer to make a decision about what food we want.

I really tried to skip all the pasta dishes ... and there were MANY!  I loaded up on salad as best I could and skipped desert completely.  No one went away hungry since we all brought enough to feed 200 people, with only 50 in attendance.

Today will be the all important business meeting, making dollar decisions for the rally.  Lucky for me, there are always extra dollars for the ice cream budget.  NO ONE disputes the cost when it comes to the ice cream.  

What an exciting day it will be!!  Oh well, it's the price of being the Ice Cream Captain.  Speaking of price ..... that huge bowl of ice cream sundae cost a measly $6.00.  You can get a DOUBLE scoop for $8.00.  So if you are ever traveling in this part of the country, stop in at Superior Dairy and have the best and cheapest ice cream sundae ever, because Superior is SUPERIOR!!!


  1. Now that is one huge scoop of ice cream and looks yummy. Getting ready to all that work and slugging all that ice cream.

    1. It's a hard life, eating all that ice cream, but someone has to do it!!

  2. How do you bring home leftover ice cream? I envision it making a mess everywhere.

    1. Linda, they give you huge styrofoam cups. Worked perfectly.

  3. Ha ha, I had the same question Linda did! Did you stick it right in your freezer? :)
    It looked delicious, I'd skip the whipped cream myself.

    1. Big cup .... right in the freezer. Needed more sauce though!!