Sunday, October 25, 2015

Beach Party!!

You thought I was laying out on the beach with a marguerita or two?  Well I should have just arrived in Maui for my annual two weeks of rest and relaxation, but with no one to take care of my babies, I had to cancel this year.  Sniff sniff!!  No worries however, there will be plenty more years of relaxing once I find a trustworthy petsitter.

I'm thinking maybe I can offer free RV parking with a 50 amp hookup and water.  There's a sewer dump too if you have four to five lengths of hose.  Course there's not really much to see around here, and no restaurants to speak of except Micky D's and Taco Bell.  This might be a hard sell!

With no Beach Party on my schedule, I whipped up this quilt called BEACH PARTY that I picked up in Tucson last year.  So much sewing ... I was burning up the fabric highway like crazy!  There are actually 50 different fabrics in this one, with lots of straight sewing that went fast.
With only college football on the tube, I got bored.  Except for the occasional foray into the kitchen for food, I sat at the machine all day.  Now if I can just find a reputable quilter.  The problem I run into is that it takes several months to get a quilt back ... and I'm usually gone upon it's completion.  Most businesses aren't willing to let it sit in their inventory for three or four months until I return.  Guess I just have to buy that long arm quilter!!

I can't stand another day being inside, so it's time to hit the road ... in my BIG TRUCK ... to see if I can find those AGM batteries!!!

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