Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The GRAND Grand Canyon!!

Well I missed a couple days, but I did take off on D(driving) Day headed for the Grand Canyon in my new motorhome, towing my new jeep.  I can basically relax after the first 4 hours of driving (just kidding)!!  If it weren't for the construction on California roads, it would have been a relaxing ride.  Tehachapi was no problem, even getting in and out of my mountain home, Home Depot was a breeze.  Long ride ... 8 hours to Williams where I would spend the night.  There was a little drama in Kingman when I went in the Love's Gas Station the wrong way ... eeeeeek!! ... and again just before Seligman when the lightning struck the ground 100' from me.  Now THAT was a scary experience.  The crack made me deaf, the light made me blind ... but I kept on trucking through the pouring rain trying to figure out the windshield wiper switch.  When I finally got them turned on, it went in total slow motion.  Another 5 miles and I got it ... just in time for the rain to quit!!!

I arrived in Williams pretty tired, but thrilled I was able to get into my parking spot without hitting anything.  Granted, it was 30' wide and 65' long ... but I MADE it!!!  Just in time for this gorgeous sunset.
The next morning, I wasn't planning on heading to the Grand Canyon until noon, but just couldn't stand it sitting around, so off we went (my two dogs and I).  I called Patty and Dan to let them know I was 30 minutes away, and luckily they had not gone to work yet.  I pulled into Trailer Village (a little shaky due to the narrow road) and got parked.  Dan came right down and helped me unhook the jeep ... good thing, cuz I couldn't get the pins out of the hitch.  Of course Dan showed me the trick and guided me to my home for the next 3 weeks.  I actually got into this parking space too!!!!!  I'm so excited!!!!!  It's only 20' wide!!!!

Today, Patty took me on a little jaunt on a new path to the visitor's center, where we ran into 5 mule deer browsing the woods.  Not shy at all, it was easy to get nice pics.
Armed with a map from the visitors center, I made out my schedule for the next 11 days ... hiking and biking the Grand Canyon South Rim.  I checked out Yavapai Point for sunset pictures, but since today is totally overcast, I doubt there will be any good color.  I did get a couple of images, but am not sure of the names.  I think this is Bright Angel Trail Canyon.  It's a little hazy here, but thankfully no smoke from fires!
You just can't imagine how beautiful this place is in person.  Believe me, the images don't do it justice!!!
As Dan has said in his blog, getting internet service is tough.  In trade for using his router, I have become Nanny to Miss Sami so she can be fed and walked on her normal schedule.  Hopefully I will get to post every day about this time.  Excited about tomorrows hike ... hope I have some good images for you!!!

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