Thursday, August 16, 2012

Down to Two Days .....

Today was Day Three and it was a busy one.  Here's what went on .....

Fed everyone early
Hooked up horse trailer for trip to Vet
Took Remy horse to Vet in Turlock for x-rays (the fetlock is looking better, but still needs meds)
While there, had him sedated and dental work done ... with an electric drill!!!!  Poor Baby
Waited for him to sober up so he could ride safely home
Met the horseshoer who trimmed both horses for me
Cleaned up the stinky mess
Moved the RV in order for extra hay to be delivered and stacked
Finished two loads of laundry so I'll have clean clothes for the trip
Got groceries
Checked the RV batteries for water and topped them off
Checked the Def tank level ...
Fitted the wheel covers on the horse trailer so the new tires will last longer
Gathered all the camera equipment
Downloaded and installed the new topographical map on my handheld GPS (2 hours)
Checked the fit of the new wheel covers for the RV (they were good)
Loaded about half my clothes in the RV
Got dog food, treats, canned food, tennis balls, leashes and "dog stuff" loaded

It's 8:00 and I'm finally sitting down to rest.  More work tomorrow!!!

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