Sunday, August 26, 2012

Canyon Views from Desert View and Lipan!!

The best thing about this time of year in the Grand Canyon is the monsoon weather.  The sky has been full of gorgeous cotton candy clouds and amazing sunsets that my camera just can't do justice to.  My favorite place to shop is in Cameron at the Trading Post.  Not really expecting to purchase anything, Patty and I moseyed over to take a look.  Gee ... I'm such a sucker for Navajo rugs ... and bartering!!  Tanya (who sold me the last Two Hills rug I purchased a year ago) was again there to offer her advice and give us some history on the weavers.  Okay okay ... I bought another rug.  I'll get a picture to show you shortly.  On the return trip, we stopped at my favorite place to shoot,  Desert View.  It is the eastern end of the canyon where a huge tower was built in the early 1900's called ... you guessed it ... Desert View.  A gift store takes up the bottom floor with a narrow stairway that climbs three stories.  You have to check out this building.  A Navajo native painted all the interiors with beautiful designs!!
As you can see ... it is definitely monsoon season.  It has rained on and off, but who cares when you can get images like this!!
Later that evening, Patty and I headed to Lipan Point as recommended by one of her employee friends. It is about a 40 minute drive from our RV's ... along the way we saw a gorgeous coyote, but of course the camera was in the case.  Elk are everywhere and have no fear ... so please drive the speed limits and watch for wildlife!!!  Here is the sun starting to set on the canyon wall opposite us, looking towards Desert View.
I do as little as possible in the way of enhancing these images.  I want them to look just like they did in person ... not surreal!!  As the sun goes down ... more of the wall is lit.
Just getting ready to drop below the horizon .....
This is what I come here for .......
More adventures coming up .....

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