Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Four Days 'Til Liftoff !!!!!

Four days til "D" day and I'm still working on my list.  Today was fuel day.   The thought of driving up to a gas station and trying to figure how to get in and out is high on my list of stressful situations!!!!  After stressing for two hours this morning I decided to just bite the bullet and go.   Happily, I AM getting better about driving ... only took me 15 minutes to relax this time!!!

The cheapest fuel around here is at the Quik Stop in Livingston.  As I pulled in, there was a tour bus in the truck island ... that made me feel better until all the people on it starting pointing as I got out to go inside.  I didn't know if something was wrong with the RV or it was just me!!

One really nice bonus of fueling up at a truck island (this was my first time doing so) was that the fuel nozzle is larger than normal.  It didn't take any time at all to fill the tank.  I almost had a heart attack when I went inside however to pick up the $300 bill!!!!!  I know, I'll get used to it .... maybe!!!!

All done I headed back home and backed it in on the first try!!!  I take this as a sign of a great problem-free trip.  Back to my list making ...........  Next up the grocery store!!

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