Tuesday, May 22, 2012

More Than Animals!

There was more to see and appreciate at the San Francisco Zoo besides the animals, although they are the main attraction.  The grounds are beautiful and covered with flowers in full bloom.  My photography instructor would say "ugh ... flowers"!!!  But I happen to think they are beautiful and want to share.

Unlike my friend Patty who knows the name of every flower and plant (and carries a pair of scissors in her purse just in case a clipping is calling her name) ... I don't know the exact names.  So forgive me if I call it something it isn't!!!
Matching the local flora was this spoonbill .....
I know proteas from spending time on Maui in Hawaii every year.  They even have a few in Monterey.  Here there were huge bushes full of blooms like I have never seen before.
We took these while waiting for the Giraffes to come inside and eat.  They did, but with no flash, there are no Giraffe images!!!  Just more protea.
While stalking the peacock, I got this image of his tail.  It surprised me that the kids were trying to grab his tail, which obviously scared him, while the adults looked on.  When the adults started doing the same, I couldn't keep my mouth shut!  PLEASE DO NOT try to touch the bird!!!!  They quit ... :-))
A new attraction that I haven't seen before was this little steam train, pulling six cars fully loaded with people.  The loop route wasn't very long, but you definitely got your money's worth because THIS engineer screamed around the track at breakneck speed!!  This was not a ride for the faint hearted!!
The grounds are covered with trees, vines and all sorts of huge swampy plants.  The small lake in the middle looks like something from the Jurassic era.  This vine crawling up the tree caught my eye.  I thought it looked like another butt!!  LOL
That's it for the zoo ... on to another adventure!!!

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