Thursday, May 10, 2012

I Zooed It Today!!

Ok, I admit it.  I'm addicted to photography.  I really needed a fix today, so I set off early this morning for the Fresno Zoo.  I haven't been there is several years and wouldn't you know I picked "School Kids Day"!!!  I counted 22 buses, each which holds a minimum of 25 kids.  You do the math.  The good news is that I'm taller!!!!!

I took LOTS of photos, but really tried to limit what I subject you to!!!  The two elephants were using their trunks to sweep up every morsel of hay they had knocked down from an overhead feeder.
They have several seals and are in the process of creating a huge new pool, where the public can walk underground and watch them swim underwater.
This big guy was getting fed (notice the tongs to escape the teeth!!) by a trainer who would tap the fence and whistle when the tiger came to her .. she then held the food up high so he would stand up.  Pretty impressive!!!  He was purring the entire time.
Inside the reptile house were various lizards, geckos and venomous snakes.
This guy was sleeping, as were most of the snakes.  What else can you do in a 3 x 4 foot enclosure?
Here's the scary one ... a Gaboon Viper.  This thing is huge ... probably 18 inches around his belly (yes, really) thankfully behind VERY thick glass!!  His head is probably 4 inches across.
The zoo has three adult giraffes and one new baby.  Seems to me this zoo produces baby giraffes quite often.  Here's the latest.
The keepers were handing out delicacies for the children to hand to the giraffes for breakfast.  Their tongues are amazing ... not only are they long, but they can twist them around these little branches like a monkeys tail.  Fascinating!!!

Ever since I can remember, they have had a flock of flamingos nesting in the park.  Their color is just amazing!!
Of course I have a special affinity for the zebras since they resemble my horses.  There are only two at this zoo and I think I took 50 images of them.  They were getting a little amorous ... actually a little too amorous ... so I decided to leave those out!!!
The zoo is in need of some remodeling and TLC.  Lack of funds for required maintenance has left it a little run down.  I was disappointed to hear that the hippo had died and while the chimps were being readied for a trip to their new digs in L.A., the male died.  The grizzly is still there, but very old and just sleeps all day.  Some of the "cages" actually have hot wires running around the outside edge.  Proposition Z was passed last year by the local residents and some new construction has begun.  I hope they are able to keep the zoo going because the kids went absolutely crazy over every animal.

Although I took some 250 images total, this one is my favorite.  In fact, I think I like animal photography better than anything!!!
By the way, everywhere you turned was a poster about adopting a zoo animal, so I did.  His name is Joey!!!
Until next time ...........

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  1. Great shots, Nancy. I too love the zebra close-up Hugs, Patty