Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Vegas Purchase and The Wedding

Wedding in Vegas?????  The wedding photos follow "my purchase".  I spent a few hours on the internet exploring my options, as a good accountant will do, and was prepared NOT to buy a new printer at the Photoshop Expo in Las Vegas.  They were just too expensive!!  $5K plus shipping and tax was not in my budget.  But of course, the first stop I made at the Expo was Epson's display of NICE photo printers.  They pointed out Midwest Photo Exchange and off I trotted to check out how close my prices were.  Much to my surprise and shock (!!!) the printer I wanted, capable of printing 24" x something ridiculous like 40 feet, was HALF PRICE .. no shipping .. no tax.  How could I turn that down?????  Expecting a two week delivery time, I was again shocked to find it at my door this morning.
 Yes it is huge ... 5 feet wide 250 pounds of one of the best printers around.  It is, unfortunately, in my garage.   Because of the weight, it takes four men to lift it on to the stand, which I have assembled in my office area.  So if you are one of my male friends, you will be receiving a call shortly.
Here's the stand ... just waiting for the friends to arrive!!

Next up, the wedding.  No, not in Vegas (and NOT me), but here in Atwater.  My best friend Diane's daughter Shelbi was marrying Nick Perino the evening of my return from Vegas.  She had arranged her dress and all the required paraphernalia at my house, with the wedding to be a couple blocks away.  Her photographer got lost, showed up late, then ran off to the grooms house for pictures.  So Diane and I filled in taking photos as time allowed before and during the wedding.  So this is inside, before ...
Her colors were gorgeous as was her tan!!  Nick is definitely a lucky guy!!  I have to say that my camera was directly on his face when his bride came down the aisle ... and he cried.
Meet Mr and Mrs Nick Perino ...
They shared the first dance of the evening.
The best ever cupcakes were served at the end of an excellent chicken/tri-tip roasted potatoe dinner, along with all the beer and wine you could drink.  A beautiful end to a gorgeous wedding!!

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