Saturday, September 17, 2011

Back to Business ....

While waiting for the new printer ink and paper to arrive, I called a friend whose 14 year old daughter loves to model, for some practice portraits using fill flash.  Definitely NOT my favorite thing to do.  When outdoors in daylight, especially between 10 and 3, shadows appear on the face which can be eliminated using a flash.  Except there are a million different settings on the camera ... so it's up to you to get it figured out.  Which means lots of irritation and frustration ...  for me anyway!!!   Oh ... here's the new printer set up and ready to go.  The image at the bottom is an 11 x 17 ..... The boxes are to keep Cooper from pushing his ball underneath, then barking for 10 minutes so I'll go get it!!!!  He has me well trained ... LOL!
This is Sydney .... and yes, she is really only 14!!!  Her mom has been taking lessons at the local shooting range ....
I apologize for all the NK Photography copyright's on every photo.  Although these are all such small files they really can't be copied and used, I should be placing it on all "good" photos to help ensure I have recourse if they ARE copied.  These photos were taken at the Bloss House in Atwater.
It's a great location, especially for wedding photos.
So I'm off this afternoon for photos of a 6-month old in a pumpkin patch.  This one should be fun!!!
Next up ... my latest project ... "A Day in the Life of Alcatraz"

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