Wednesday, September 28, 2011

RV Repairs Again and Again and Again

I know I'm new to RVing, but really ... are all dealers this bad at service?  I wish I had the service manager my friends have ... maybe I wouldn't have to take mine back EVERY time I get something fixed so they can fix it again!!  At the very least, you would think they wouldn't want to be bothered by some really cranky crazy lady screaming at them all the time!!!  Yeah, that's me ... I take my lessons from Bad Nick!!!

When I got to the Grand Canyon on my last trip, I discovered the water tank needed to be drained and sanitized ... which my friend Dan helped me complete.  No problem.   He informed me there were valves somewhere underneath that would drain all the water from the tanks in the winter so they wouldn't freeze.  The valves, however, wouldn't open, so upon my return, I went to BEST RV in TURLOCK CALIFORNIA where I purchased my Fifth Wheel and had them install different, easily closable valves to the tune of $180.00 for three.  Cheap plastic valves no less.

Today I filled the water tank.  Just as a precaution, I went inside and turned on the pump/indicator lights to make sure the tank was full.  I heard water pouring from underneath the RV.  Even though the valves are closed, water was pouring from the left side.  I opened it and MORE water came out so I closed it again and water continued to be pumped onto the concrete.  I opened and closed it 4 more times to no avail.  I turned the pump off and tried to cool off before I called Best RV.  After I explained the problem, his first question was "is it turned off?  Is the handle horizontal or vertical".  I'm sorry, but really, I do know what OFF is.  I can only assume they sold me a defective valve and although it looks and feels closed, the valve inside is NOT closing all the way.  How irritating.  Now my trip is delayed for 24 hours because I have to go back again for them to fix their "fix".  Did they test it after installation?  Obviously not ... I just have such a problem with businesses that  1) don't fix things correctly the FIRST time  and  2) businesses that ask women stupid questions as if we ARE stupid!!!   PLEASE!!!  Treat us like we have a brain ... whether it's a man or a woman!!

Thank you all for listening to me rant!  I feel better now!!!    LOL

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