Friday, September 30, 2011

Big Fuel Tanks Rock - Golden Spike Group

One of the problems with a fifth wheel is the limitations of the truck pulling it.  I have taken a couple trips with friends, and due to the small fuel tank on my truck, I'm always searching out gas stations that carry diesel and stopping every 200 miles.  It shouldn't be stressful because you can always unhook and seek out fuel at a much higher mpg rate - but it IS very stressful.  So I called around and found my friends at Super Shop in Merced could install a 52 gallon tank on my truck.  AWESOME!!!!  This trip to Carson City with my friends Patty and Dan as their guest at the FMCA Golden Spikes Group is the big test of the new system.  Needless to say it ROCKS!!  Unfortunately due to highway construction it took me 6-1/2 hours to get here ... but I still have half a tank of fuel!!!!!  This big tank has set me free!!!  LOL

Upon arrival, Dan and his friends directed me into my parking slot (eeekk .. I have to back up???).  I got lucky and got in on the first try.  Only with their excellent directions.  I have to say this is a great group of people!!  Sometimes in traveling with new groups, I tend to feel out of place since I don't know anyone ... but this group is different.  They all welcomed me and made me feel at home.  Here is the line of their motor coaches ... all very impressive.  They did ask if I wanted donations for a bigger coach and of course I said YES!!!

They supplied breakfast this morning of huge muffins, yogurt and fruit.  My kind of food!!  They are so well organized --

We are off to the first of three train rides ... pictures to follow!!

P.S. -- After stopping at Best RV and basically being ignored for the first 10 minutes, they did fix my leaky valve by simply putting a cap on it.  Guess this valve doesn't work well when the pump pressurizes the system.  And there was no charge!!

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