Monday, October 14, 2019

The NO'S Of Pumpkindom

We started out with basically no rules.  Then the people came.  Then we needed rules and they all involve the word NO.

NO you may not run alongside the zip line holding your child on the rope as it zips down the hill.

NO adults can not go on the zip line, you will drag your bottom all the way down the hill.

NO you may not go down the slide with your child between your legs.

NO you may not go down the slide backwards.

NO you do not get a free pumpkin with your entrance fee.

NO you do not get free food with your entrance fee.

NO you do not get a hot dog meal with your entrance fee.  See above.
NO you cannot have three cups to share between three children, the one shaved ice you purchased.

NO you cannot drive the tractor.

NO you cannot drag your baby carriage the size of your car on the hay ride with you.

NO you cannot pick a huge bouquet of flowers to take home.

NO you cannot pick the corn.  It's cattle feed, not human feed (as I throw away ten ears of corn they already picked).

NO you cannot put your child on the goat's back for a picture.

NO you cannot take your child out back for a picture sitting on a dinosaur.

NO you cannot have a free shaved ice.

NO you cannot have a free shaved ice.

NO you cannot have a free shaved ice.  I'm thinking of putting this on a T-shirt I can wear.

NO you cannot do backflips on the Barnyard Bounce.

NO you cannot do front flips on the Barnyard Bounce.  It's called BOUNCE, as in up and down.

NO you cannot have an entire cup of jalapenos to take home.

NO you cannot have two hot dogs to one bun.

On a side note, NO I do not have fingerprints any longer.  My hands are in food service gloves so long my fingers will no longer unlock my phone.  At night, I wake up and think I still have gloves on.

My feet are now two sizes bigger from walking so many miles every day.

The good news ... my black eye is gone, but I can't say as much for the bump and blackness on my forehead.  I'm thinking it's permanent!

Total miles walked after 126.38


  1. Gott love the rules and as usual people don't understand and want social treatment, Good luck trying to make them understand .

    1. I have to say I've never run in to so many people who want everything free.

  2. Some people just think that Rules are made to be broken. You'd have to stick them upside down on their shirts so they can read them.
    I'm finding that if I sit too long on my days off I can hardly move. Keep moving and you'll need a new wardrobe.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the challenges.

    It's about time.

    1. Boy is that the truth. You must be as sore as I am!!!