Monday, May 8, 2017

This Is NOT Your Grandmother's Needlepoint

Over the hill and through the woods ... to Madonna's House we go!!  Amazingly, I survived the trip into the Valley of Evil Drivers.  Even though the speed limit was 65, I cruised along at 60, determined not to go crazy along with the pack.  Sometimes you just can't help yourself, right?  You just start driving the same speed as them!!  When I hit the freeway, they went 75-80, I went the speed limit, 65.

This is the reason for the trip .... this fabulous mermaid (although I was informed she is a SIREN) needlepoint project.  Sure, I could just do the up and down method and make her flat and uninteresting, but I wanted the canvas to be as fabulous as she was.  Especially since it cost me a small fortune.  These are from Leigh Company and they are all hand painted.  They are so expensive, they don't even give you a price.  Just fork over that credit card!!

I've had her for about eight years.  The problem was I did not purchase the yarns and threads required to complete her.  Ever since, I've been looking for a store that sold the required stuff, but they kept going out of business.  FINALLY ... I got the name Madonna Needlework from a lady who gives lessons.

The minute I walked in the store, I knew I was in good company.  The door was open fifteen minutes before the official time and three ladies were already working on projects.  I met Teri, the wonderful owner who had already picked out some threads and planned the stitches.  No more straight up and down for me!!
Things have changed since the OLD days of your grandmother sitting by the fire with thick yarn and a flower picture.  The canvases available are amazing, as are the stitches you can use to make them come to life.  Teri is an artistic wonder of epic proportions.  She set me up on her frame holder with a magnifying glass light and showed me how to make her tail look like scales.  There will be pearls and beads in between each tiny square.  All of this written out on graph paper with each thread noted.
I was so happy to begin work on this masterpiece, I gave her a big hug.  I also gave JACK a big hug because he's just the most handsome guy!!  Jack is her Shih Tzu puppy ... the cutest thing EVER.  Well not as cute as Cooper, but he's a runner up for sure.  He loves toys and balls just like Cooper, but he doesn't chew them up.  He also did some great tricks ... like rolling over and dancing.  His toys are spread throughout the shop.  Definitely my kind of people!!

Finally ready to head home, I was STILL craving that Taco Bell taco I talked about awhile back.  AHA!!  There is a Taco Bell in Santa Nella about 40 miles from home.  I'll stop there.  As soon as I saw "shredded chicken burrito" on the menu, I caved.  I figured to eat half for lunch, saving the rest for dinner.  

Gee ... the bag felt kind of light for a big burrito.  I knew better, but I drove to the front instead of checking it first.  What to my wondering eyes should appear but a bag full of napkins and sauce.  I looked again.  Surely, way in the bottom, is my lunch.  Nope ... it was not to be.  Well you can just imagine how happy THAT made me!!
I went inside where it was a chilly 39 degrees (I'm not kidding, it was THAT cold in there ... must have frozen those kids brains) ... and headed to the counter.  "Can I help you?"  Why yes, yes you can. I just ordered a burrito and this is what I got ... I poured it all out on the counter.  There were maybe twelve napkins and fifteen packets of sauce, along with not one, but TWO receipts.  

Since I said NO sauce, I'm guessing she gave my burrito to the guy ahead of me and I got all his sauce.  She quickly made another burrito, adding extra cheese for the inconvenience she said.  A taco would have suited me better.

Just a tip here ... never EVER order the shredded chicken burrito.  When I finally got it out of the bag, it was about the size of my wristwatch.  NOTHING like the big burritos of old.  After taking a bite, I almost put it back in the bag.  That's not saying it tasted bad ... the taste was okay ... it was the LOOK of the thing that got me.  I don't want you to lose your lunch, but seriously, it looked like it had already been eaten by someone, and I'm not THAT picky!  I'll eat almost anything!!  That killed my craving for Taco Bell pretty quickly.
Finally back home, I spent the rest of the day working on the needlepoint.  I'm going back Friday for another lesson.  Mostly, I just want to play with Jack!!

Bright and early this morning I'm off to Jacks R Better to smog my truck.  Yes, in California you have to smog your diesel truck every two years.  It will cost be around $100 and make me crazy mad, but it has to be done.  I can't WAIT to get Arizona plates!!


  1. We've had to get our order straightened out a few times but never had a bad Taco or Burrito from Taco Bell.
    Glad you're making progress on your project.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. I'll definitely be checking before I leave the window!!

  2. If you're going to change everything over to Arizona why waste the hundred dollars for California
    Once the sale purchase is completed you can switch everything over there
    Use that to register your truck
    And if you're worried about losing registration for the vehicle you could always get a 30day temp tag to go to Arizona
    You'll just have to drive a common vehicle like a jeep for a time

    1. True ... I thought about waiting, but I'll only have 30 days in Arizona before heading North for a couple of months. It's easier to pay for it than to worry about it!! Cuz you KNOW I would worry!!

  3. Why would you order a burrito when you have been craving a taco? Substitutes never satisfy the craving.

    1. That's true Linda ... but I was thinking it would be the burrito of old that I loved more than the taco. I should have known that wouldn't be the case!! LOL