Tuesday, May 23, 2017

How To Lower Your Stress Level

Unfortunately, I have absolutely no idea how to accomplish lowering your stress level.  As I may have mentioned before, my Mother was the queen of stress and worry.  That seems to be one of the excellent traits she passed on to me.  In spite of knowing that fact, I STILL can't seem to change it.

This week has been a test of my strength in that area, which of course is nonexistent!  I usually have one or two days of down time, laying on the couch or playing with the puppies.  Alas, it seems every day has something ... mostly around the early hours of the morning after another restless night's sleep worrying about getting it all done before I leave, which is in itself a stress point.

All of this, plus allergies like I've never experienced before, brought about an eye twitch of epic proportions.  No fear however, nothing was going to keep me away from the last session with Teri in Morgan Hill as we worked on stitches to use for the Siren's magnificent tail.

I took my time as my eye twitched to the beat of the Country radio station I picked up, until I suddenly remembered I forgot to call my Insurance Agent about the new house.   My eye twitched faster until I finally arrived in the parking lot and made the phone call to correct that situation.

The other reason my eye was twitching so drastically was I discovered Jessie's previous surgery scar had blown up like a balloon in a matter of three days.  My second phone call was to the Vet for an appointment this morning.  Finally inside with the lovely ladies of needlepoint, they could tell by the look on my face I was stressed.  They sat me down with a cup of hot tea and a little conversation.  How sweet was that?  In no time I realized the twitching had stopped.  It was a miracle!!

On the way home I felt great until I got to within 30 miles of my home.  See that brown stripe at the bottom of the blue sky?  That's dust, dirt and smog that hangs in our lovely valley, causing people major head distress.  I know .... another reason to move to Arizona, although the cholla blooms have the same effect on me.
I decided to give Taco Bell one last chance for redemption since I won't be back by there for several months.  This time the crunch wrap won the coin toss.  It tasted pretty good until I got to the bottom where they had slathered the meat with some kind of sauce resembling cheese, only because it was bright yellow.  That's what tastes so bad ... it's that new queso sauce they put on everything.  I ate all around it and deposited the rest in the bag.  So much for Taco Bell.  Maybe next time I'll try Carls Junior.
Lucky for me, traffic wasn't bad going either way until I started up Pacheco Pass.  A big rig going DOWN the hill either fell asleep or used up all the air for his brakes.  He fell off the side of the highway around a corner, slamming into the trees and landing on his side.  It must have happened just as I passed by going to Morgan Hill.  They had heavy concrete barriers set up already and three big tow trucks trying to pull the rig back up on the road.  

With a big sigh of relief, I arrived back home and crashed on the couch to watch the Giants beat the Cubs.  Slowly but surely, the twitching began again as I went over my schedule.  Vet appointment, Magic Kingdom, car tires installation, College photography class critique, company coming, funeral and possibly another surgery for Jessie.  Yup ... my eye is still twitching to the beat!!


  1. I find a list helps me. Crossing off an item on it makes me feel less stressed. Is the photo on you on your blog someplace in Alaska?

    1. Yes it is Jan ... while we were in Valdez we took one of the cruises to Columbia Glacier. That's it in the background. See all the chunks of ice in the water? Some were as big as a house, along with baby seals and eagles. A MUST adventure if you are in the area. I don't remember the cost, but it was SO worth the trip of about 5 hours I think. Take your heaviest coat ... you start out at 70 degrees and get down to 34 when you're there.

  2. Years ago I learned that what will happen will happen and have lived by that since. I also cut back on the Forty Cups of Coffee I drank every day. Making lists of things to do on paper will also diminish the stress. Having a visual reminder is less aggravating then trying to remember things or juggling with a dumb Smartphone.
    Do you really want to keep breathing in that pollution? Use Arizona as a winter base and travel at a leisure pace in the summer. There's a lot of beauty to see out there.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time

    1. I think I keep Post It notes in business with all the notes I stick around the house. It definitely helps!!

  3. I've had that eye twitch; it's very annoying. I'm looking forward to learning more about your place in Arizona.

    1. The twitch is getting better, hopefully it will be gone soon.

  4. OK,I'm on a research project. and here's what it is.
    Branding irons
    I need to take you back to your Younger days
    When your mom and dad owned a Mc, farm I know E I E I O
    But wait a minute they didn't own a farm they own a cattle ranch so there's no E I E I O
    But I will assume that on that ranch you had a chick chick here a chick chick there. Wow stop, wait-a minute we're getting carried away here
    Ranch's have cows city boy
    Now at the age of two or three months the Male cows and female cows, were all branded into the same fraternity/sorority
    Seeing as how you cannot put a license plate on livestock,, they all came away with a special Mr. K,s. branding marks
    So here's my question what was the design of Mr. K,s branding iron and where was the placement of his brandlings on his cattle sorority brothers and sisters

    1. Our brand was the K quarter circle ... a K with a quarter circle underneath that was NOT touching the K. Otherwise it became a rocking K which was someone else's brand. Left hip if I remember right