Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Last Breakfast

I'm off again this morning for the Last Breakfast (for me anyway) at the Elks RV Park.  This will be a shorty blog.  They have decided to add hash browns to the mix.  Not only do they require some preparation, but they require a very HOT HOT oven.  Last time they cooked them, the oven finally got hot about the time they needed to serve.  Not that it's any of my business really, but I'm going extra early to crank those ovens up to their highest temperature so we can have reasonably well cooked potatoes!!

While I was making RV and Lost Horse Ranch list after list so I don't forget something, I watched the Preakness Stakes race, the second of the triple crown of horse racing.  Not that I'm all that interested in racing, but my love of horses goes beyond the normal.

Add to that the fact that the VERY expensive needlepoint store in Morgan Hill gives you a discount if you pick the winner, and I'm glued to the television.  Here's my pick ... Always Dreaming.  I had my doubts, since he has won his last four races, including the Kentucky Derby.  You can't win that many in a row and not be too tired to win the next two.  I considered changing my choice, but in the end, it wouldn't have mattered.
AND THEY'RE OFF!!!!  Always Dreaming #4 and Classic Empire #5 (the second choice to win) came out of the gates together and made a run for the rail.  What that means is they were on too fast of a pace to be able to have anything left in the final stretch.
Classic Empire got ahead of Always Dreaming, as he lost his oomph and ended up back in the pack.  Then, out of nowhere came Cloud Computing (I'm sorry, but these are dumb names for horses) who was neck and neck to the end where he nosed out Classic Empire for the win.  You never know who is going to the winners circle ... which horse is tired or which is just having a bad day.  Horses are very much like humans in that respect.  On this day, Cloud Computing won and I lost my discount at the needlepoint store.  RATS!!
I could have used it since I'm going over again tomorrow for my last session until probably September.  

So I'm off to feed the masses again ... fruit, sausage, hash browns, pancakes and eggs.  Not bad for a $6.00 breakfast.  I think that's better than Denny's Grand Slam!!

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