Saturday, May 20, 2017

Now You See It, Now You Don't

One of the things the Elk's Lodge does to raise money is have raffles.  Raffles, raffles, everywhere a raffle.  Do we get kind of tired of them?  Yes we do ... but we all know it's how they separate you from your green stuff in order to collect donations for all the good and worthy projects we support, like Children's Hospital, the Burn Center and our Troops.  In return SOME people win great prizes.

At the Cattlemen's dinner Thursday night, they put on a great raffle, with prizes that couldn't be beat, all donated at no cost to the Elks.  This amazing barbecue was one of them.  Pretty nice, right?  Well the Castle Lawyer wanted the barbecue, said she needed it as her's was old and falling apart.  She bought FIVE tickets (I bought 25) and of course she WON!!!  So did the raffle with $850 collected.

All was well until they rolled it up beside her and she figured out it wasn't gas.  Good Heavens ... I thought it was GAS!!  Nope ... charcoal only.  Not only that, but there was no way she was fitting this in her little car.  I tried to shrink until I was under the table, but it didn't work.  My truck was conscripted to haul the critter to her house on the farthest side of town at 8:00 in the morning.

By the time we got it there, she had decided she always wanted to learn how to cook with charcoal.  Personally I think it will make a nice plant stand.
While I was in town, I decided to stop in at See's Candy and pick up my $20 worth, using the gift card Miss Tammy gave me.  Although most stores on our little Mall open at 9:00, this one does not.  I sat in the parking lot and watched a live presentation of a greater flamingo baby hatching from his shell.  Apparently they take longer than an hour, but he was cute, fluffy and chirped a lot.  At any rate, it passed the time before killing my phone battery.  Finally the store opened.  There will be candy for breakfast!!
I picked out all my favorites including everything peanut butter and maple flavored.  The box was so full she couldn't even get the top to stay on.  Thank you Tammy!!!  I'm in candy heaven.
Now you see it, now you DON'T!!   HA HA!!  GOTCHA!!  I didn't really eat it all.  I would be on the floor writhing in pain if I did.  I put them all in a zip-lock bag in the freezer.  Well maybe not ALL ... a couple may have jumped in my mouth on the way.  Out of sight, out of mind however.  They will last much longer if they are hidden away behind the Lean Cuisines.
I spent the rest of the day between embroidery, needlepoint and playing with the puppies.  This cute little hippo is up to her neck in water, with see-through organza placed over the body and a bunch of little fish swimming around underneath.  Pretty cute.  
Two more to go and the little quilt will be done.  
Not that anyone is going to need a quilt around here any time soon.  The temperatures will be upwards of 90 all week long.  That's okay though, it's conditioning for my trip to Arizona in June.  I'll be able to see just how good that new air conditioning system works in my ranch house.

I can't wait ... I'm going to be living part time in the Arizona Territory ... land of cowboys and Indians, where on this very ground, cattle rustlers and train robbers hid out as the posse rode by in the distance.  I know, I have a crazy imagination, or maybe I'm just a reincarnated bad guy's girlfriend!!  


  1. That quilt must go to the county Fair!

    1. Isn't it cute? I'm definitely sending it!!

  2. Or a reincarnated lady outlaw. Ever heard of Arizona outlaw Pearl Hart?

    1. Thank you for the link Nick. I read a lot about Pearl Hart while at the Yuma Territorial Prison. Love that place .. lots of ghosts!! I rather prefer Annie Oakley however ... she was a better shot!! LOL

  3. Our son-in-law has a Smoker, Propane grill and a Charcoal grill and uses all three but his favourite is the Charcoal grill. The flavour it gives the meat is worth the extra time it takes to cook it.
    It's a catch up day.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. Although I use gas, I think you're right when it comes to charcoal bbq. The meat is much more flavorful.