Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Head Bashing!!!

I know we've ALL felt the pain and headache of head bashing.  Try as we might, it's inevitable when you have an RV.  I've trained myself to be extra careful around the rig, especially when the slides are out.  I consciously pay attention when getting stuff in and out of the bays.

On the other hand, when the slides are NOT out, there's still that off chance you will whack your head on SOMETHING.  On Monday when I returned home, that SOMETHING was the fifth wheel attachment to my horse trailer that lives about four feet off the ground.  My rig parks next to it and my electrical cord stretches out underneath.  Despite my carefulness (I walked bent over for several feet) I still came up right under this unmovable steel object hard enough to knock myself silly.
MAN that hurts!!  Try as I might not to touch it, because that only makes it worse, I rubbed it to be sure it wasn't bleeding, which of course made it worse.  Head bashing is NOT on my list of fun things.  I went inside and laid down on the couch, sending a text message to a friend to call in an hour and make sure I was still alive.  They obliged.  I lived.  I now have one more big bump on my head to add to the already existing SIX!!

Last night was Magic Kingdom Bingo time.  I think that bump on my head caused me to go bonkers on the Moneychanger.  Another bang on the head would have been better than the exchange that occurred.  Here's the deal ... first card $5.00.  Additional cards $2.00.  Bring your receipt so we know how much to charge you for the additional ones you want.  

"You didn't give me a receipt" are the famous words spouted off, as well as you didn't give me a red ticket for the drawing.  Believe me, it happens so many times, we are extra EXTRA careful to give everyone their change, their cards, their receipt and their red ticket.  This is serious business for them.

During the "you didn't give me a receipt" excuse, the Moneychanger came up and inserted his nose, in an extremely rude fashion, where it didn't belong.  I've seen it (and been the recipient of it) many times, but have always chosen to ignore it.   I finally charged $2 since the lady said she had already purchased THREE.  Now the rude Moneychanger gets in my face about what difference does it make.

He's right ... the $3 difference makes no matter to me or the Elks.  It DOES matter to the other 102 people in the building who paid $5 for that same card.  If she goes back to the table and tells everyone, which she most definitely will do, we'll have ten more people trying to cheat their way into paying less than everyone else.  The Castle Lawyer and I have been running this for seven years.  It has taken us six years to get the crowd where they don't try to cheat us at every turn.  You can't imagine the shenanigans they try to pull!!

The Moneychanger just kept at it ... I was bashing my head against a brick wall and it hurt.  I finally told him I wasn't discussing this with him.  He said a lot of bad words and walked off in a huff, mad that someone talked to him the way he talks to everyone.  He went straight to the King.  Thirty minutes later, the lady came back and apologized, paying the additional $3 because she lied about having already purchased three.  I didn't take her money.  I explained to her it's not about the money ..... it's about being fair to everyone else.  She agreed and so did the King.
So you KNOW that ruined my night's sleep, not to mention the actual bump on the head I have!!  I'm hoping the Moneychanger will quit using that four letter word six times in one sentence and will treat people, especially women, with a little more respect.  That's like spitting in a river, but maybe next time he'll at least think about it.  I'll just count cards for the next few weeks while the head bashing bumps heal up.

My plan for the day is to do absolutely nothing!!  Impossible, I know, since I need groceries and a few things for the Arizona house.  Escrow will close in 15 days assuming everything is good with the inspections I had done yesterday.  For now, I'll just sit on the couch and relive that conversation 25,000 times ..... what I SHOULD have said!!!  Let it go Nancy, in the long run, it just doesn't matter.


  1. Very simple solution your iPhone has a camera that records video and voice and when the money changer comes up to you,,, just say excuse me please,,, turn on your iPhone camera video
    More than likely he'll demand to know what you're doing tell him it's very simple
    just tell him you're preparing a harassment case,,, watch the expression change
    You could distribute a verbal conversation,,, but not a video recorded conversation
    Or you could take him outside privately,,, AND forget that you're a lady
    I'm sure owning a construction business before you haven't lost your touch

    1. I'm pretty sure I could take him!!! LOL