Sunday, May 7, 2017

Always Dreaming WINS!!!

I'm not much of a Race Horse person, especially when it comes to betting on one to win.   It's just too  difficult to let go of that hard earned money.  I actually went to the Belmont Stakes, the last race of the Triple Crown some years ago in New York.  Big Brown was running.  I may have mentioned this story.  I placed a bet on him because he had already won two of the three big races and was expected to be included among the greatest race horses ever to win all three.  My bank account was ready.

Unfortunately, I had to leave early, to the boos of the crowd and passersby, when I discovered the train that takes you there, doesn't leave until the race is over.  Thanks to a nice policeman, I was able to find a really scary cab driver to take me to the next train station for an hour's wait in a seedy neighborhood.  I listened to the race on my phone, hoping I didn't die that night.

Big Brown lost .... badly.  That pretty much ended my race horse betting career.

Meet Always Dreaming, a beautiful little three year old colt that outran everyone yesterday on a wet muddy track in the first of the 2017 Triple Crown races.  This is a training picture.
THIS is a picture of him on the far right, winning said race.  Why does it matter you might ask?  Because Madonna Needleworks in Morgan Hill, where I'm going today for some help on one of my biggest needlepoint creations, told everyone to name the winner on Facebook.  If your pick won, you got a discount on your next order.  Can you believe it?  I picked Always Dreaming, because I'm always dreaming about the canvases in their store that I cannot afford.  I WON!!!!  Yay for me!!!
With that morning excitement over, I ate lunch while the puppies snuggled on the couch.  The temps dropped to 54 this morning.  Thanks to Mister Ed, I found the "fan only" button on my A.C. control and turned it on with the back door open.  In just 15 minutes it was nice and cool inside, whereupon I turned it off.  Gotta love those tips and tricks!!
When I mentioned gearing up for my trip on Sunday, I did realize it was Saturday.  It takes me that long to get everything organized and all my ducks in a row so I can leave for the day, not to mention gathering up all my needles and miscellaneous chatchkees to use in the class.  That also included my weekly vacuuming.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my puppies with a capital L, but the dust and dirt they bring in the house is beyond comprehension.  Most of this is actually Jessie hair.  She should be bald ... but no, she grows more overnight, just to shed it all over my floor.  This after only ONE week!!
With that chore done, I went outside to sit in the sun and read, which lasted all of five minutes.  Cooper thinks OUTSIDE means play time.  Yes, his good collar is hanging in the closet so it will stay clean.  I threw the ball until my arm gave out.  He never seems to get tired.   What I wouldn't give for his energy!!
I spent the rest of the day making the next critter panel ... a cute little panda chewing on bamboo.  I've only got three to go before the final reveal.  Then I have to figure out how to sew them together straight.  If it turns out well, this just might be an entry in next year's fair.
So I'm off to drive over the Path Of Evil, over the hill to the land of a million vehicles, bad roads, cranky drivers and my needlepoint store where I have a discount waiting.  It's a great day at Kissack Castle.


  1. The same trick applies for if you like a cold bedroom to sleep in
    Close the house up as you would normally at night
    If you turn your air conditioning off set the fan on (manual )open one window in the bedroom about 8 inches ( do not close the bedroom door)(it blocks the air )
    If you have a house alarm set it
    It should set the alarm but only warn you that the (window )entranceway is open
    Most good alarm systems have a two position sensor on windows
    Just remember if it gets too cold and you close the window you will trip you're alarm
    It would be a good chance to try out those quilts if they're comfortable for cold weather
    PS the only time we don't want to do that is if it's raining (too much moisture )
    The same trick applies to the RV as well

    1. Sounds good, but I'm not too keen on leaving my bedroom window open in this part of the country. Using that trick in the motorhome, now that's something I will definitely try!!

  2. If you want to keep Cooper busy and not wear yourself out get a Ball Chucker. With the flick of your wrist you can throw the ball three to four times farther than by hand. You'll wear him out.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. I've seen people use those with their dogs. I bet it would work great for me!!