Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Magic Kingdom ... It's Still There

I know sometimes you probably wonder why I do this gig called the Magic Kingdom of Bingo.  Last night, I was wondering the same thing!!  I think if it weren't for the workers, I'd disappear like a Ritz cracker in Jonathan's cage.
In spite of all the efforts to bring in more patrons (not one, but TWO hotballs), it was a bust last night as only 85 people showed up to throw money at us.  Now we're back to one hotball (which confused everyone) but we increased the pot.  Here's how it works ... pay $1, get a stamp on your hand.  A magic number is selected and if that number is the last one called that resulted in a Bingo for you (and you have the stamp), you get the pot, now a minimum of $500.  No Bingo with that number?  The money carries over to the NEXT week.  Confusion reigned!!

To make matters worse, the Castle Lawyer and Prince Charming were BOTH gone, making for a boring evening.  Except for the Castle Tax Collector.  I've never known someone who was so rude and distasteful in their manner and speech, that I actually walked away.  I am rather proud of the fact that I can make anyone smile and maybe make their day just a tad better.  Not so here folks!!  It's like Donnie Downer (Debbie Downer's brother) on a MUCH larger scale.

Not getting anywhere on that front, I moseyed over to talk to two members who have been around longer than God, for their take on some procedure questions I had before turning my Audit Report in to who else ..... Donnie Downer.   Unfortunately, he was eavesdropping and thought it was all about HIM.  That brought on an onslaught of F-bombs and threats of quitting, along with a tirade of how unappreciated he was.  Good grief!!!

BLAZING BALLS ... get your Blazing Balls here ... I went back to selling tickets.  I would like to have set fire .... oh never mind, I'm sure you were thinking the same thing.   In real life, for $1 each, you have the pleasure of peeling off the backing to find out if you got a big ZERO, $1 or $2, or maybe just numbers which are used to play another game at the end of the evening.  I had much more fun with the cranky Blazing losers on the Bingo floor than I did with Donnie Downer!!

After my usual well-done, two-Tums, foot-long hotdog, I turned in my money and made a beeline for the door.  It's okay ... I am well aware that being an Auditor will not influence friends, but make a few enemies.  The challenge now is to figure a way AROUND all that nonsense ... and you KNOW I like a challenge!!!

There's absolutely nothing on the schedule today ... YAY ... except maybe sew on the latest quilt and snuggle with the puppies!!  A perfect day in my book!!

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