Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Oh My Aching Head!!

I've got that Wednesday morning hangover ... the one you get from the Magic Kingdom when you haven't been there in five months, get home really late and then can't sleep.  UGH!!

The first order of business was my appointment at the Sheriff's Office ... the one that I've been waiting four months for.  It used to be located in a nice part of town, but over the years, it has become a not so nice area.  With little to no parking, I had to walk two blocks through that area to get to the front door.  Truthfully, I didn't expect my truck to be there when I returned.  I had a death grip on my purse.

It took five minutes for the paperwork before being sent off to Live Scan for fingerprinting.  I was met by a not-so-friendly person who made me wait outside in the cold until my appointed time, which I wasn't even aware of.  The good news is I was able to warm up the chilly reception with a little conversation.  It becomes a challenge for me to change the attitude, if only for the few minutes I'm there.  Anyway, it all went fine and now when I can't remember who I am, at least the Sheriff's Department will return me home.

Back at the ranch, I tried to gear up for the Magic Kingdom, which is much harder to do than make someone smile!!  Maybe a tiny glass of sweet AppleJack wine from Nehalem.  Alas, I couldn't find that third bottle I KNOW I have in the rig.  After an hour of looking, I gave up.  Some day I will be pleasantly surprised when I come across it while stashing something new.

Upon arrival at the Magic Kingdom, I noticed the entire building has had a facelift inside and out.  That was a shock to my system, but nothing compared to the Castle Lawyer telling me how sick she was.  I insisted she go home.  Just as I turned around to cast a spell on someone to help me out, an old acquaintance walked up to join our happy little group!!
In no time the peasants were crowding the table, so we went to work.  Surprisingly I remembered how to operate the infernal machine, although I did try to give out too much change a couple of times, to the delight of the players.  Getting it back was a disappointment for them, but they are used to giving money away here.

In between yawns, I taught our Lady in Waiting how to use the money grubbing machine ... sort of.  It can be very confusing, so small bites of information at a time result in fewer people screaming and running for the door.

At the end of the night I could barely keep my eyes open, so I was surprised that I remembered all the steps to closing down.  Most of the steps anyway!!  Okay, I forgot half of the closeout procedure.  Every time I ran a tape that said we made over $1000, I knew I had completely blanked out on SOMETHING!!

Eventually I got it down to a $28 difference.  We never balance when training a new recruit, there are just too many keys to hit at the wrong time.  Speaking of hit, you know how hard you have to hit the keys on your computer?  The infernal machine keys are even MORE sensitive, but they got a workout last night, which I suspect made up the shortage.  It's not worth losing sleep over.

I really don't understand this, but ALWAYS when I'm on my way home, about the time I get to the third stop light, I suddenly remember everything I forgot ... like voiding those checks or forgetting to completely erase the machine's memory, a task I relish since it causes me so many headaches.  Hopefully I'll remember to do that BEFORE next week.

Finally .... my soft, comfortable bed where I tossed and turned, listened to trains, yelled at growly dogs and ended up with a nice headache ... like a hangover ... from the Magic Kingdom.  I need my coffee!!  I drug myself to the kitchen.  That's funny, my arms ache, probably from flailing them in the air for six hours as we waited on the peasants.  I need to work out more!!

I'm going to the couch now, to pretend I'm a statue for the next three hours.  By then those advil I took should kick in and I can get on to the business of running errands and fighting the dragons (my garbage service) who delivered three more cans to my driveway.  I already have three.  I think I better go look for that bottle of wine again!

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