Sunday, October 2, 2016

Gardeners Should Stick To Gardening

You probably saw this coming.  Not being mechanically inclined, I missed the signs.

The day started out nicely enough with even MORE unpacking, putting away and just plain piling stuff up ... like in the sewing room.  I emptied the car, whose contents are now strewn about the kitchen counters.  Speaking of the kitchen, there was a funny odor every time I opened the fridge.  Time to check it out.

There on the bottom in the very back corner was a blog of what used to be apple for Jonathan.  It was pretty rotten ... in fact, it was like jelly ... warm jelly!  No problem, it was sitting on the plastic bag it came in.  I'll just grab the bag and throw it in the trash.  It would not be that easy.  The glob of stinky goo fell right out the bottom, glanced nicely off the open fridge door and splattered on the floor over a three foot wide area.  HEAVENS TO BETSY!!!

Trying desperately not to throw up, I said a few bad words as I grabbed for the roll of paper towels.  After scrubbing the floor and my feet, I went back to the fridge door, which I suppose needed to be cleaned anyway.  The rest of the day, I just couldn't get that smell out of my nose.  I finally discovered it's because the entire fridge STILL smelled of rotten apples.

Three boxes of baking soda later, it's finally cleared up enough I can open the door without getting sick.  It certainly has helped my diet ... I don't look forward to opening the door any more!

Since it's Halloween the entire month of October, I set up my fireplace to get in the mood.  While at the store buying more boxes of baking soda, I discovered the cute little parrot skeleton perched on the far right.  Jonathan wasn't impressed!!
My surprise for the day from my huge box of mail .... one last kite ... yes, you heard me right .... my LAST kite.  This baby flew in from Australia while I was gone.  If you know of anyone with an extra kite bag they want to get rid of, let me know.  
Finally, around 2:00 I received a phone call from Shaun the Electrician.  I found this $20 GFI beauty at Lowes and was ready to get it installed, my sprinklers working and my security lights up at night.  

Funny thing about Electricians ... you never know what's going to show up at your door.  Shaun of the Dead, nice guy that he was, showed up with more tattoos than I've ever seen on one person, with black hair and clothes to match.  Shaun came well recommended from the prior Police Chief.   I'll leave it at that.  

He checked the outlet and said it had plenty of power.  You know where this is going, right?  He clicked the reset button, power went off, he reset it, power went on and the sprinkler system worked.  Lots of bad words coursed through my brain, but I held my tongue.  The gardener said he reset the breakers, and I watched him hit the reset button on the GFI, with no resulting power to the sprinkler control box.  If you want something done right, do it yourself!! 

I paid Shaun $20 for showing up.  A normal electrician would have charged me $60.  Live and learn folks ... gardeners are NOT electricians, even if they think they are.  Always check for yourself!!
At 9:00 the security lights came on, as did the sprinklers this morning, so I'm back in business, along with a spare GFI should another one go out.  Shaun said he's available to do ANY repairs I might need, but to be honest, I'm a little wary.  He WOULD be a good addition to my Halloween night candy giveaway!!

After a big cup of coffee this morning, I remembered I still haven't cleaned out under the bed in the rig, so there will be a few more loads in my future.  For now I think I deserve a day of rest ... it's Football season, not to mention World Series Baseball!!  Time to play couch potato!!


  1. The Giants, who should have won the division, need to beat them Dodgers today to be assured of a Wild Card. Nice take down last night when a Dodger fan ran onto the field. See:

    Sure hope we didn't leave any apples in our fridge! Will find out in a few weeks.

    1. YAY they WON the Wild Card!! World Series here we come!
      The takedown was awesome!! I think I watched it five times!!
      I hope you didn't leave any apples in your fridge too ... they are absolutely the stinkiest!!!!

  2. Take a half a cup of ground coffee put it in a cup don't cover it but put it in the refrigerator

    1. I hope instant works, cuz that's all I have other than my phony coffee, which costs WAY too much for that!!

  3. Some of the nicest most trusting people you want to meet used to wear GPS ankle bracelets
    But then again at my shop they still do
    If he can cook you may need to overlook certain things
    On the same token now that you've got everything working from the ground fault into the house you still have the issue of from the ground fault to where ever that wire goes to My guess would be it has something to do with water
    In actuality the gardener may have reset the breaker but something is tripping it
    So strap on your 45 and call gosh the electrician to track it down
    So if you only paid $20 your $40 a head
    But here's another question you're plugging an male end of the extension cord into your ground fault
    Follow that extension cord to the female end take a picture or 2 and post it ( do not touch move or change its position )

    1. Ooops! Too late. I unplugged it already. I did take a close look and it appeared to be fine. The electricity went off while I was gone, and I'm thinking that caused the problem. Also, when we plugged the sprinkler control back in, it took a few seconds for it to reset itself. Gardener waited less than two seconds before unplugging it and saying it wasn't working.

      I'll wait and see if it continues to work. So far everything is fine.

  4. Ving are helps with the smell,wipe down entire fridge,put vinegar in container let sit overnight,smell should be gone.
    Hope you get unpacked before it's time to go again.

    1. Vinegar ... the magic potion!! I'll try that too!!!

      Exactly on the unpacking!! I swear I'm never buying another thing on the road!! I don't even bother to unpack clothes, shoes or Jon's cage anymore. I just bought two of everything!!