Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Another Day, Another Dollar

In spite of the inch of rain that fell on my house Sunday night, there was no sign of water in my living room windows.  That has been a problem in the past.  Apparently the last fix is working and there won't be another dollar out of my pocket, at least not for that.

What came along with the rain was a beautiful sunrise.  This time of year they are as pretty as the sunsets.
The rain also made for a cool low light shot, my favorite type of photography.  I wish I could do more, but going out to crazy places alone at night isn't such a good idea in my area.  Yes, I could take someone with me, but it's hard to convince them to lay on the wet grass and hold that flashlight just so.  This one was taken of the full moon in my front yard with a landscaping light focused on the tree.    Fun stuff!
It IS another day and yet another dollar WILL come out of my pocket in replacing those windows on the dormer.  The scaffolding went up yesterday.  Honestly folks, are there no halfway smart people left in the world?  First he set it on top of the drip irrigation line, which I now will most likely have to replace .... then he set one leg on top of the rounded concrete mow strip .... and in the end, broke off one landscape light, then stepped in the middle of the bush at lower right, breaking off the biggest branches and ended up putting the scaffolding leg on top of the landscape lighting wires.  It was like a comedy of errors only I wasn't laughing.  

Don't worry, I'll make the contractor fix EVERYTHING!!  The good news is that all these repairs, plus replacement of the trim all around the windows (which shows signs of dry rot), will cost the same as the other estimate ... $1700.  I can deal with that.  I AM going to make sure the neighbors see what's happening so I can bring up how the windows might have been broken ... with all those balls being thrown around my yard!!  Really, we don't know why they broke.
There were a couple of little things from the Big Fresno Fair I wanted to share ... you can find all kinds of cool stuff in their commercial exhibit building.  This is a portable microphone setup ... hands free for use at the rallies when all our other microphones fail, and Barbara picked up two phone cords for me, braided cable ones that won't break.  
Then I spotted this beauty!!  Our Indio FMCA rally theme this year is Beach Party, so I figured this would be the perfect outfit for one of our members to wear in the parade.  Not me, mind you!!  The skinniest one gets the honors!!  I love the wig though ... I just might see if I can find that for everyday wear!
Upstairs in the museum are the most amazing pictures ... some painted, some photography ... of the Blossom Trail.  I've never taken the drive, but I think it runs around Madera and Fresno Counties.  If you don't want to go on a drive, just go upstairs to the back wall and take a virtual tour.  
Normally when I'm at the fair, LOTS of dollars are siphoned out of my pocket for all sorts of crazy stuff ... like the Ginsu knives that can cut through concrete or the handy dandy chopper (I have three now) ... but this time I spent all my money on food.  They have everything you could ever want at the fair, including some things I didn't even KNOW I wanted.

They had Cup of Corn ... a plastic cup filled to the brim with hot corn, smothered in butter and cheese.  They had baked potatoes the size of dinner plates, barbecued and fried everything in huge portions, along with all types of drinks and ice cream to wash it down.

This was my churro lemon ice.  As you can see, it's HUGE.  This sucked $10 out of my wallet in a flash!!  It was amazing ... and in case you're looking to put a few bucks back IN to your wallet, you can work for Fabes at the fairs they attend for $12 an hour.  Just check Craigs List.  Better yet, you can bet on the horse races.  You'll either win big or lose your shirt!!
Another day, another dollar.  I don't know how time passes so fast ... it's Magic Kingdom night again. Not that I'll make any dollars, but the free hot dog dinner will keep a couple in my pocket, at least until I have to spend it on Tums to repair the hot dog damage!!


  1. Maybe it's time to look for a place in Arizona.

    1. I'm looking everywhere Jan! At least in your territory there's no hurricanes, tornados OR earthquakes!!

  2. There seem to be more for sale in our park in Yuma than when you were here last.

    1. I'll be staying in Yuma a week come January, so I'll take a look. Can't wait to see Cindy's latest creations!!

  3. Wow cool I love red heads Looks like my kind of gal she got any money??? and the best part she can't bxtxh much,, however we would need to do something about the winter Clothing allowance

    Instead of putting glass in there why don't you have them put Lexon in their ( plastic ) even a rock won't take that out And it's really not that much more expensive than replacement glass,, and any glass company would have it

    They make automatic wireless flash unit with a remote Control also do the same thing the trip your camera shutter as well
    In case you wanted to get in the photo yourself
    Are use a wireless shutter trip for my Canon
    It's also compatible to my Olympus

    1. I knew you'd like the redhead!! I do have a couple of remote flashes, but the human variety works SO much better!! You just tell it to move left and right instead of walking all the way over and adjusting it yourself!!

  4. We used to go to the Taste of Minnesota on the capitol grounds in Saint Paul. Local restaurants sold food but it was hard to try everything. So the second year they sold Taste sizes. Just a few bites for a few bucks. That let us have tastes of more things. I suspect that brought more business to more restaurants because they continued to offer Taste sizes. You might recommend that to your fair organizers.

    1. That's an interesting concept Linda. Certainly a great idea for me because I can't eat that much all at once.