Sunday, October 30, 2016

It's Almost TIME .......

Buhahahahaha ..... it's almost time to scare all the neighborhood kids who've been terrorizing me for the last few years!!  Okay, that's not really true.  Any more the only time I see the kids is when they get on the school bus in the morning.  It's still fun to set up for Halloween though ... my all time favorite holiday.

I did a practice run on the porch last night.  Even though everything did NOT go according to plan, it didn't matter.  I had a blast!!  My butler was on a roll too, although a little too quiet.  I turned the volume up to the highest setting.
The candelabra worked perfectly (battery operated) but the fog machine, not so much.  Not only has it been very warm, but I didn't use enough ice to cool down the smoke.  Looks good here, right?
Cough cough cough .... but then it went wild and filled the air so I couldn't see or breathe.  There was just enough of a breeze to kick it all back in my face.  
THAT'S when I turned on the music.  This is the best CD ever!!  It's got dozens of songs ... no lyrics ... from all the scary movies you can think of.  It took me several tries to figure out the receiver, but finally the eerie sounds filled my house ... and my garage ... and my back patio ... and my front porch!!  I turned it up louder.
Then, just for the benefit of my neighbors, I turned it up again.  I've got lots of dial to spare.  With only one speaker on the front porch, it wasn't very loud from that side of the house.  On the patio however, I laughed with glee!!  Really .. out loud laughing!!  IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!  Like being in a movie theatre.

Back in front, I set up my witch's head in a glass ball, then calmed the dogs who were freaking out from the noise.  
Motion activated, she lights up, moves around and talks to you.  The more racket the better!!!  Believe it or not, when I worked for the County, all of this stuff surrounded my desk at Halloween.  People came in from all over just to walk by and see the display!!
That's when I saw headlights in front of my house.  Uh oh (really, I'm cracking up) I think someone called the Sheriff's Department ALREADY.  Gosh, it's been ten minutes and it's only 7:30 pm.  That didn't take them long!!  After all those 2-3 am music-beer parties, the twelve piece Mariachi band and music-blasting-kid-screaming pool parties, someone called the police on ME???  

I ran to a side window and watched, expecting him to walk up to the door any moment.  And then he drove away.  I'm sure someone called in because of the loud party, but when he arrived, there wasn't a party.  There was absolutely NO ONE ... not even a car in the driveway.  Besides that, the music out front isn't that loud.  I couldn't stop laughing!!!  I SHOULD HAVE, but payback is .... well, you know!!
At 8:30 pm I lowered the music to a dull roar and scaled back the smoke.  I have controls on each set of speakers inside the house and I kept them on high for another fifteen minutes, just because I could.  What did you say?  Something about I'll probably go deaf??  I can't HEAR you!!

I've got two more nights to annoy my neighbors.  This is SO MUCH FUN!!!

By the way ... a big resounding HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mr. Chance!!  May you have many, many more!!!!

Now to see what ELSE I can add to the front porch!!


  1. Sounds like your having a good time. We get no kids at our door.

    1. My first couple of years there were no kids here, then maybe 5 or 6. Last year I had about 20. Even if none show up, I still had fun!!

  2. My oh my, this is better than last years for sure! (and last year was good...wish we could hear the music though)

    1. I wish I could attach a link. No luck so far!!