Thursday, October 20, 2016

Just When I Think I'm Done ....

I suppose as a Motorhome Owner, you are never DONE.  It's almost like ... well it IS in fact ... like owning a home.  There's always something to unload, something to replace or something to repair.

I thought I had cleaned everything out, but that was not the case I discovered yesterday, as things I had stashed away came crashing out to the floor when the bedroom closet door was opened.  I had already made one trip for the Tums, one trip for the Advil and even one MORE trip for my most comfy boots.

That's when this fell out of the closet on Cooper's head.  He wasn't one bit happy about that!!  Apparently stashed behind the hanging shoe rack, it had been jostled loose when the boot box was retrieved.  YAY!!  Yet another project for me to work on!!
Were my horse trailer not in the way, I could probably open all the slides and make sure everything is cleared out.  I could ..... but then I wouldn't have these wonderful surprises throughout the time I'm home.

I spent most of the day recovering (from Magic Kingdom night) on the couch with my new needlepoint, while watching the American League Baseball Playoffs.  The Cleveland Indians won.  I wasn't jumping up and down since I live in the National League Playoffs.  The Chicago Cubs ... who haven't been to the World Series in 108 years, have been playing like the Giants.  They are either terrific or they suck.  They are ALSO playing the Los Angeles Dodgers.

If you're a Giants fan, here's how it goes in the playoffs ..... you root for any team that plays against the Dodgers.  We're not particular in the least, which is how I became a Cubs Fan!!  Last night they were sensational as they scored 10 runs over the Dodgers 2.  Now THAT'S a game I can get into!!  

There are seven games to be played in the National Series and the score is now 2 games to 2.  Whoever wins four games first, goes to the World Series.  I hope it's the Cubs.  Any club that continues to play baseball for 108 years without going to the playoffs, deserves to win!!

Why am I not watching the DEBATE you ask??  Sorry, but I'm so sick and tired of all the name calling and all the crap that has been going on, I've tuned them out and turned them off.  I haven't heard much of anything about what will change or how they plan to do it, other than everyone will get FREE EVERYTHING, except of course those that own homes who will be footing the bills.  In case you didn't notice, homeowners are the ELITE and the wealthiest in the nation.  I thought we were the smartest since we scrimped and saved in order to BUY our homes!!

What happened to the days of "I will do this and I will do that to make life better"?  Instead I hear nothing but name calling in advertisement after advertisement!  When did we become a country that votes based on bashing the opponents?  Pretty sad in my book.

I have a financial planning meeting this morning ... not that it does any good.  All that money I put away when I was a kid so I wouldn't have to pay so much taxes when I got older, is costing me a fortune in taxes!!  There's no use letting it sit there in case the tax rates get lowered, because that's NOT going to happen.  I might as well draw it out and enjoy it while I can.  When I run out of money, I'll blame the rich and demand my share of THEIR bank account, just like everyone else!!

I think I'll make one more run to the motorhome for a chill pill!!


  1. Hmmm the Cubs where last in the WS in 1945, winning it in 1907 and 1908. Just saying!

    1. Yup, you are right Norm ... they haven't been in the world series since 1945 and haven't WON in 108 years. I wonder if any other teams have that kind of record? I never thought about it before.