Saturday, October 1, 2016

Putting Out Fires!!

I'm always rather overwhelmed when I return from a trip, mostly because I have to do everything myself.  Unpacking the rig is a daunting task, not to mention the cleaning, then the maintenance and washing poor Baby who hasn't had a bath in over four months.  So much to do!!!!  Laundry, house cleaning, dusting .... but you know all that already.

It doesn't help at all when you come home to the huge disaster my landscaping was in.  After talking to the gardener, I agreed it was the plug, which I really don't understand.  This one is only about two years old.  Instead of calling me, they did nothing for two weeks of 100+ degree weather.  Finally he plugged an extension cord in to another outlet, then OVER watered everything, creating the swamp.
I'm not good at electricity, as you well know, so I put out to my Facebook friends to please help!!  With an electrician on the way, I went to Lowes and found a replacement, no thanks to anyone walking around who might have answered my questions.  At any rate, I hope to have it fixed by tomorrow so the alligators and piranha should disappear within the week.

Next up, I picked up a huge box full of mail, expecting to find my truck license tags.  I would be wrong.  Not due until June 30, I sent them a check on April 25, which they cashed on May 3.  There's no more horrible place in the world to be than my local DMV Office.  I called instead, to get put in the callback que.  Forty minutes later, Ray felt so bad for me he made an appointment at the local office.  RATS!!

You can have your tags mailed again for FREE if it's within 90 days.  If not, you have to go to the office and PAY $20.  I put on my best fake smile, gritted my teeth and entered the depths of DMV Hell.  If you ever want your patience tested, I'll give you the address.

There was one person in the appointment line.  The lady making the desk assignments ignored her while she waited on five people in the "Non-Appointment" line.  I finally asked loudly if this WAS the appointment line.  Ten minutes later I got to the desk and was handed a massive amount of paperwork to fill out, which of course wasn't done by the time the man at the window called my number.

Obviously irritated with me, he grabbed it from my hands (smile pretty Nancy) and asked for my mailing address.  He locked up everything and retreated to a back room.  Good grief Nancy, what did you do NOW??  I was awaiting the cold hard metal bracelets of shame, when he returned, slapped some tags on the desk and turned his back, mumbling something about they mailed them to the wrong address.  Wait, did I hear that right?  NO CHARGE.  Okay then ..... I was out of there faster than a speeding bullet!!!

Now to address the three garbage cans lining my driveway when I returned home.  I already HAVE three garbage cans lining my garage!!   Then there was the $2.00 "fee" on my Macys card that the automatic phone answering machine promised to remove.  Really??  Who else has these problems?

Back home, I tested out the sprinkler system, hoping to correct some of the debacle when the gardener showed up with a couple of plants.  He chopped out one beautiful but certainly DEAD shrub and replaced it.  At least he was honest, saying he was sure it was Roundup.  You know, the stuff his SON sprays around my yard once a month.  No doubt, I agreed .... what about the six I just planted five months ago in the BACK yard that are all dead???

I continued around the yard to find geyser after geyser in the drip system.  Even "I" can tell there's a problem even when the water is OFF ... why can't these guys see it?  I replaced eight drip emitters before heading to the back yard, to find 4 out of 5 sprinklers emitting water a total of six inches from the sprinkler head.  I have an analogy for this, but I'll keep my mouth shut!!

One more item for the day.  My shower head died a horrible death when it fell apart in my hands as I was trying to stop the flow of water from around the edge.  While at Lowes, I picked up a new one which happened to be on sale.  It matches perfectly and worked like a charm, once I figured out how to wrap the pipe with that white tape .... in the same direction as you would screw it on to the pipe.  This is NOT the stuff I wanted to learn at my age.  Does it work?  I've no idea.  I'll give it a trial run this morning.
On the other hand, there are GOOD things about being home.  I don't have to be so concerned about how much toilet paper I use or how much water I use taking a shower.  I have a dishwasher and a normal sized washer and dryer.  It's also pretty nice to have enough light to apply makeup so I don't scare little kids any more, although most times I end up seeing more than I want in the mirror.

On another good note, the Swanton Pacific Railroad made a video of us riding the little train, which they put on YouTube.  Check it out!!!    

Golden Spike At Swanton Ranch


  1. Isn't the joys of homeownership fun
    After reading Nick Russell's blog and posting in that I now understand your underlining motive to run west
    So I hope this helps
    That plug being a ground fault plug I trust you reset it and retested it with nothing plugged in to it Is it tripped you need to find out why if he didn't trip go get an electric drill and plug it into that socket and run the drill that drill should not trip it if,, that end is fine
    Then your culprit would be whatever you plug into it
    Moisture rain and heavy fog will trip the ground fault
    Your sprinkling system or your security lights should be professionally hardwired to your house not an outside plug that's a bad move
    Also there is a plastic cover that goes over that ground fault receptacle did you remove it to take the photograph if the answer is no that's why it tripped rain and moisture Most ground fault ones are designed moisture resistant not waterproof also they make a box specially designed and sealed for outside ground fault plug
    Now let's addressed to big beast
    Just south of Redbluff and just south of Sacramento on I 5 is a company nationwide called blue Beacon truck wash you can drive your RV in there and they will wash your RV an your car if you want them to,, very inexpensive considering what you would pay for a company coming to you look them up online and call him to give you a price over the phone
    Also if you needed oil change for your RV there is a nationwide Company called speedco
    You don't even have to get out of your RV only to pay the bill and there cheaper than Manny the Mexican coming to you ,,, you could call his company as well
    No appointment is necessary for either company
    All we need to do now is find you a guy they can cook
    Seeing as I have you have a very intimate knowledge of Home Depot's do it ones self
    And you almost have the maintenance thingy stuff down pat good girl

    1. You're right. The cost savings of not hardwiring was pretty high, but the sprinklers were that way when I bought the house. Want to say GRRRRR? Read today's blog!! Blue Beacon ... I will remember that on my next trip North.