Thursday, November 30, 2023

Fighting Over Food

Well ...... I wonder about our weather guessers.  Here we are at the nausea-inducing altitude of 171 feet and they have predicted snow.  Snow flurries that is.  The white cold stuff.  That has happened twice in my long lifetime at this location.  

Believe it or not, we actually got about one whole inch way back in 1998.  I think it was before that, because I remember making a 6 inch tall snowman in the back yard.  It's a rarity for sure, and I doubt we will see any today.  On the other hand, it gives them something to talk about other than "It's Sunny"!!

If it's going to be THAT cold, I need sustenance.  What better than a sugar coma inducing French toast breakfast.  Yes ..... yes that IS whipped cream on there, not butter.  Oh there's butter too, underneath the whipped cream!!  I think they even said it was National French Toast Day.

There might be more to talk about today, but I have fallen into an accounting problem that requires my time.  There was no couch sitting yesterday, but at least I did get one big problem fixed.  I took off the pieces of fabric that are velcroed on my quilting machine on which I attach the quilts in order to quilt them.  I can't believe that repair guy put them on so crooked.  

My next quilt got loaded before I had to actually put my brain to work.  It was shades of working again as an accountant, and WAY too much thinking was involved.  

So for today, here's a couple of videos from my Foxy friends.  There's no use wasting the leftover tasty turkey treats.  Really, I just thought I would see if they would eat it.  The first night, the local kitty cleaned up every single tiny piece.  When he walked away, he looked like me waddling to the couch after MY big dinner.

The second night, wasn't I surprised to see this happen.  Up until now, they have been sharing.  I only feed them occasionally, and only things they might find while scavenging.  They did love the gopher!!  But on this night ... they got a little snarly!!

Wow ... they must have thought that turkey was AMAZING, unlike Cooper and I.  

I received my second propane tank reader last night, so I'll be setting that up today and turning the heater off.  Looks like the snow isn't going to materialize after all.  Just in case however, I ordered a nice half price down ski parka to keep me warm.  

My old one, now 42 years old (they used to make stuff to last), still works great, but when you put your hands in the pockets, they come out the bottom.  The pockets completely disintegrated.  The last Bingo night at the Elks Lodge had icicles hanging off everyone's noses, so now I'll be warm.

I hope everyone has a great Thursday as my fingers fly across the calculator keys.  Sugar and coffee will surely keep me going strong.


  1. Your videos are great! This one is interesting. I suppose they would fight over a delicious meal. 😋

    1. But it's the TURKEY!!! lol. First time I've seen them fight over anything.

  2. Nancy your parka sounds like mine.
    Those videos are so neat to watch.
    Have a good day!
    Frances :)

    1. I considered making new pockets, but it's just too much work. Funny how the pockets wear out first.

  3. Reminds me of the days (nights) in the restaurant business. One of my 'jobs' as General Manager was to train new Assistant Managers and Managers. Part of that was teaching them how to do the bookkeeping such as payroll, daily incomes and weekly recap, and the biggie...inventory (starting inventory plus incoming goods minus ending inventory, all extended out to $$$). HOW MANY TIMES did I have to go through THEIR work and see what major error they made that made food cost come out way higher or way lower than it truly was. Thank goodness I was FAST on a calculator. So fast my older brother, who got me into the business, walked in one Saturday morning while I was doing my extensions and summaries and he said, "Don't give me your S- - -! I know you are just 'playing' because no one is that fast. "Want to bet?", I said. He paid up...

    1. Right? It's crazy how complicated restaurant accounting is. I knew you would be familiar with THAT. Ten rentals is much easier to handle! LOL

  4. I'm with you on old shirts and coats. I've worn some of mine until I look like a tramp, but I was warm and who cares. :O)
    You certainly have some foxy foxes.