Sunday, August 25, 2019

Pink Rain?

It's been a little weird in Tucson this summer.  With maybe two exceptions, the monsoon rains have bypassed our little neck of the woods.  That is excellent in that I don't have big spiders looking for rooms to rent in my house.

On the other hand, many of my back yard plants are kicking the bucket.  I'm leaving most of them as is, since dead branches are an example of the latest in home decorating.  I see that all the time on TV.

It was rather weird to look outside a couple days ago and see this.  Pink rain coming down in a beautiful display of Mother Nature.  It was fabulous to see, made all the better by the smell of wet desert.  It was a cool 95 degrees.
One thing that seemed to be thriving in the heat was this wandering Jew plant.  It has been in a pot on my patio, on vacation from it's Chance household greenhouse.  Alas, it began life here and so needed to again make this it's permanent home.  The purple colors are just wonderful against the desert sand.  It was about a foot taller until I transplanted it into this huge pot by my front door.

In spite of being careful as I could, half of the branches broke off.  I stuffed every one back in the pot before filling it up with dirt.  Maybe they will take root.  It's under cover of the front awning, so it might possibly survive not only the sun, but the snow.  Fingers crossed.
Speaking of the expensive RV rally, here's the quilt I'm donating as the giveaway.  If you come, you get a ticket.  One will be drawn before the end of the rally and you receive this lovely piece of warmth, best used NOT in the desert.  The backing is that kitty-belly soft Minky stuff.
We're also having s'mores, using my handy dandy fire sticks.  There are ten in all, so it should be easy cooking on the campfire-in-a-can.  If we make it quick, the Fire Marshal won't kick us out of the fairgrounds.
Many of you may already know of this App, but here's one I found awhile back.  It's called FREECAMPSITES.NET.  (I fixed it Dave .. thank you)  Just plug in your area and it shows you everywhere you can park your rig for free.  Come to find out, there is even a small piece of BLM land in Tucson, not to mention the casinos.  Check it out if boon docking is your thing.  

Miss Patty and I wandered off to town yesterday to return those pants that didn't fit.  I'll explain that later, but just so you know, Christmas is going strong at Hobby Lobby.  


  1. Love the pink rain. We have used that free campaigning .net for years another good site is

    1. I guess more and more people are boondocking. I would, but I'd run out of fuel keeping the fridge going.

    2. And to get enough solar would cost you a fortune. Gla d we have our propane fridge.

  2. Are you sure it is not that you are talking about?