Monday, November 11, 2013

Still Alive In Costa Rica!!

Although we feel like the step children, it's all good!!  Beautiful country with a horrible road system. You won't believe where we have been with a 40' bus.  You think you have been in some tight places--wait til you see my pictures when I return in a week. Lots of birds, coatties and howler monkeys with magnificent scenery. Patty survived the zip line, but I couldn't convince her to jump off the 60 foot Tarzan Swing with me. Nothing like free falling!!!

Wifi is limited so this will be short. We are now at Arenal Volcano Resort at the base of the volcano. Hoping for no eruptions in the next two days, then it's off on the jungle ride to the "Eco Lodge". I suspect  that's code for tent cabin since we heard there's no hot water. Only us two are going, so pray we return in one piece!!  Actually, just pray we return no matter how many pieces!!!

Pouring rain now making it a green paradise. The flowers remind me of Hawaii as does the high temperature and humidity!!

The rest of the crazy stories about this strange trip will be told when we return!!

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