Sunday, June 2, 2013

MILE ONE!! Dawson Creek BC

We left Hinton and headed up to Grand Prairie on Hwy 40.  Finally, a gorgeous sunny day.   We slowed for deer and sheep crossing the road ... even Mamma Moose and her baby!!!  I just couldn't drive and get the camera out fast enough!!  I did get a nice shot of my steering wheel and one of my leg!!
There was road work being done here and there but it didn't slow us down much.  On this section, the road is in much better condition until we came to this bridge.  When was the last time you saw a wooden deck??  At Grand Prairie we took Hwy 43, now heading West.  We crossed rivers quite often, but most of the scenery was trees and logging operations.
Past oil drilling rigs, coal mining operations and natural gas sites, we ended up in Dawson Creek.  And what should we see right off the bat??  Chances "Gaming Entertainment" ... looked like a casino to me. Their sign was announcing all the entertainment, as you can see, except today is June 1 ... I think it needs updating.
Dan had made reservations at Northern Lights RV Park ... and with my AAA discount, it came to $81.00 each for two nights.  Full hookups, 50 amp with a relatively new building full of individual bathroom/showers and a laundry room.  

Then it was off to Mile 0 of the Alaska Highway.  Dan filled me in on the history, World War II, build a road to Alaska ... and it all started here.  
Of course I had to have a picture!!!  From this point on we will be on the Alaska Highway.
And here's Nurse Patty and Dan!!
I think I have the internet figured out ... it pretty much seems to be a WiFi problem ... which won't be much of a problem from here on, because we won't have WiFi.  I definitely think Wally World should set up internet for it's campers!!  No fear if you don't see any posts for awhile ... WE'LL BE BACK!!!

Just a little data ... total spent on fuel $911.35    Average mpg  8.7    Total miles 1,812.

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