Saturday, June 29, 2013

Anchorage to Seward, AK

Heading out from Anchorage, it started to sprinkle.  I thought that stuff on the mountains was fog ... turns out it was rain!!  The Alaska Railroad tracks follow along beside the road for quite some way.  
Even with the rain, it was a gorgeous drive.  Wish I could think of some new words to use besides awesome and gorgeous, but there just aren't enough words to express the beauty of this place.
We stopped at Beluga Cove but didn't see any whales.   No matter, we just kept our eyes on the view ... and mine on the road.  The more rain, the worse the road got!!  Dan forgot to mention this section is VERY narrow!!  With lots of gravel trucks hauling to the repair jobs, it got a little dicey from time to time.
Having gone through a couple of "smallvilles", we passed through Moose Pass.  I think I could live here!!
Arriving in Seward, the first sight you see is the Millennium Cruise Ship, getting ready to head south.  The dome car in front is of course Alaska Railroad.  About 8:00 or so the ship cast off, assisted by a tug boat ... but you'll have to wait til tomorrow for those pics.
We are parked right on the bay in a dry camp costing $15.00 per night.  When we arrived, we thought we might not find something, as all the campgrounds appeared to be full.  With the help of the Campground Host, we found two perfect spaces.  By the way, he makes $2.00 a day plus his site, including power.  Pretty cheap labor, but then I guess you have to count the magnificent location.
Here's the view from my front windshield.  Pretty amazing!!!  There is a small creek coming in from the left, inhabited by the seagulls.  You can see the cruise ship in the back and the coal ship on the right being loaded by the blue conveyor belt.  If you follow Orr's blog, this is the same ship!!
Patty and I couldn't figure out what the birds were looking for in the water, but they were fighting and squawking over the perfect rock.
A short drive up a large canyon and we found Exit Glacier.  It's huge and looking beautiful in blue!  In 1815 it was almost to where we are standing.
On the way up, I spotted this cache with the crazy sign.  On the left was a lodge serving a Salmon Bake.  This sign pointed to the lodge on the right hand side.  A little competition maybe???
Back at the rigs, Miss Gracie was posing in the window for Dan.  What a pretty kitty!!!!!
Still spitting a little, it's expected to rain for the next seven days, so we're going to get in all the "outside" activities today.  See you tomorrow!!

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