Thursday, May 19, 2011

Newbies!!!!! (Big sigh)

In case you didn't notice the top of the blog, I have added my parrot Jonathan.  I raised Jon from an egg  and he has been with me about 35 years.  One of these days I will figure his exact age, but I have lots of time.  They usually live to be 75 years old.  A real ham who calls the Kitty, discos and does a Stevie Wonder impression, I have decided he might as well join me on the road.

Miss Caitlan would like to go too, but at 13 yrs old and 65 pounds, she's a little too big for the RV.  

Here are the two hay burners ... Remy and Showby ... At 23 and 24 they are cutting horses both too old to cut.  Every trip I have to make arrangements for someone to feed them.

This is shy Boo ... found beside the road one Halloween 

So I'm off on my second RV trip ... well almost.  I had forgotten to fill the water tank and check the air in the tires.  I think a card with a  "pre-trip" routine is in order so I don't forget something.  It was a short trip, taking all of an hour to arrive at the Los Banos Fairgrounds where one of the Escapees RV Club groups that my friends belong to,  is having a Rally.  Of course, being a Newbie, I have no idea where to  park and know nothing about hookups (which I really don't need).  My friends and another camper told me where to park.  Unfortunately no one, including me, took into account my dish antenna  (which I really wanted to try out) ... well it is directly under a short tree!!  Since I really only need electrical hookups, no one noticed either that I'm parked over the water valve.  Even so, all was well until the next RV came in and proceeded to chew me out because I parked the wrong way ... he wanted MY water and MY sewer ... and I'll never get out if it rains because I have to back up ... etc etc.  On that note, I went with my friend into town for lunch.  Upon my return, here is what I found.  He parked directly behind me, about 6 feet from the back of my trailer.

And I can't pull forward cuz I'm pulled up to a tree.  I'm not worried about it raining cuz if I get stuck, I'll either put it in 4-wheel drive (believe me I have a diesel truck that will dig a ditch a mile wide if I have to) or I'll just go home and come back in a couple days when it dries out!!  After much wrangling, they set up a permanent sewer hookup for themselves and took two of the three water hookups under my trailer.  It is so nice to know that RV people are all so friendly and willing to help you out.  The original camper that helped me park was very nice however ... he came by and said I could hook into his water if I needed, and if I wanted sewer he would set it up for me.   Guess they can't all be nice, but REALLY!!!   Hoping the rest of the week goes better ... and hoping my usually quiet dogs will bark, keeping them up all night!!  LOL

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