Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gearing Up

I'm getting ready to attend an Escapee Rally with my friends from Dixon.  Although not a long drive .. Los Banos, about 35 miles from here ... the preparation for travel is the same.  Check all the tires, time for an oil change in the truck, refill water tanks, call friends to help lift the hitch into the truck, etc.

Thank goodness I remembered that the screen door needs a secure latch at the top to be extra sure the dogs can't get out if they jump up on the door.  There will be lots of dogs at this Rally.  I would normally  count on someone else to do things of this sort, but being single, not only do I need to be self sufficient, but enjoy showing other women that "we CAN do it".  Although I don't hold a candle to Miss Terry from the Gypsy Journal, who can install cabinets, I like to think I will be there one day!!!   I got a measuring tape and took pictures with my phone so when I got to the store, I would be able to see what would work.
Of course nothing would fit exactly, so I picked two possibilities and headed home.  While gathering the tools necessary to do this minor project, I decided it would be a good idea to have some extra tools in my RV toolbox ... like the drill, extra screws, a tape measure and a level.  You never know when you will need them (this learned from Dan at the last rally I attended in Yuma).  Seems nothing goes perfect, but I did get it installed.  The second set of screws were too long, so next trip to town, I will pick up some shorter ones just to make it stronger.  It works great!!
At any rate, the dogs can't accidentally open the screen and get out.  I always knew you had to "child-proof" your home, but "dog-proof" your RV????  And while I was doing all the work, you can see what the dogs were doing .....

Lastly, one of the things that has irritated me most is the bedspread.  Although it matched everything, it was a regular spread but had a funny top where you pull the spread all the way to the top of the bed, then slide the pillows under a flap.  In order to make the bed, you needed to stuff the spread down into the sides next to the closets.  Stuffing two inches of fabric into a quarter inch space just wasn't working.  Who designs these things???   I contemplated cutting a chunk out of it, but instead purchased a comforter ($25.00) that matches nicely and is so easy to make ... pull it up and fold the top down.  No stuffing required.
Those things done, it's time to head to the store for food.  Looking forward to meeting new friends and seeing new RV inventions that I can adapt to mine.    Happy Trails .............

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