Monday, February 6, 2017

Well For Heavens Sake!

That was my Mom's favorite saying.  She said it when the cattle got loose and ran down the road with us in a mad dash trying to get them back, and when she found something she had desperately been looking for.  I said it yesterday!!  

I finally called Pat who took the embroidery class with me in Oro Valley.  I was hoping she could tell me what parts to put together to make the embroidery attachment.  This picture is NOT it!  When she walked in my door, she said it looks like this, and held up her hand.  Nope ... don't think I have that one.  "They put mine in the top of the machine" she stated.  Are you kidding me?  There's a "top of the machine?"
Well for Heavens sake ... sure enough, there was the attachment.  Pat's friend Ronna Lee attached it for me and I was off to the races.
This particular Halloween quilt has some appliqué involved, making for fewer stitches and less thread usage.  That's a good thing since this thread must be spun from gold, considering the price.
The machine is basically foolproof ... something I can appreciate!!  On the right you can see the computer screen showing the pattern (although not in the colors I wanted to use).  There are directions telling you which step is next and the screen shows you exactly what will be sewn.  All you have to do is pick out which color thread you want.  
I finished my very first embroidery project just in time for the Super Bowl.  You didn't think I would miss THAT, did you?  What a game!!  The Patriots were down so far I thought they would never come back, but never count out Tom Brady.  Well for Heavens sake, that game went into overtime.  Is that a first?  The Patriots immediately went screaming down the field for a touchdown!!  Game Over!!

Of course the best reason to watch is for the multi-million dollar commercials, most all of which fell flat for me.  I liked the old motorcycle guys blocked in by Easy Rider, but could have missed all the rest.
Back in the rig, I started the next quilt square ... only 24 more to go.  I even got in a pickle a time or two and was able to figure it out.  I LOVE LOVE this new machine.
I need to get a little more organized today.  I've got stuff stacked everywhere.  This morning Patty and I will head off to meet with her sewing group and I can show off my first embroidery project.  

Big thanks go out to Mr. Dan who made a gizmo to stabilize the end of my table, and to Miss Patty who made the best fish tacos EVER for dinner.  Well for heavens sake, I think I've gained five pounds since I've been here!!  That surely is NOT something I was looking for!!


  1. Just think of it as you are a day ahead, since you won't have to go back on Monday.

    1. I AM a day ahead Jan. So happy I didn't have to drive all that way again, but it was my own fault!!