Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Home On The Range

Even though I can't seem to make up my mind on where to live, I keep on looking for my home on the range, my one acre piece of heaven with a Santa Fe style house that won't break the bank.

After pretending to be a plumber for a small backup in the Chance household while Mr. Chance is visiting their cabin in the White Mountains, I failed miserably.  Neither Patty nor I could make any headway ... literally.  I'm sure there's a snake contraption around here somewhere, but sometimes I can do more damage than not, so it's best to leave that one alone till Dan returns.

In the meantime I played with the kitties.  Missy gets all the camera attention while Miss Snoopy the acrobat climbs to all places high in the sky to keep an eye on the pie, or the cheddar cheese that she swiped last night.  This girl is snoopy and sneaky!!
While Snoopy kept watch, I did some sewing for Patty.  After all, I'm parked in their yard and she has been feeding me every night.  She's the hostess with the mostest!  My alternative choice was to help her clean the floors, which I'm definitely allergic to!!
With the chores out of the way, I headed off to check out some properties.  I guess I should hook up with a Realtor.  Seems every one I looked at had a SOLD sign on it.  Some were too small, no room for an RV and as with other towns, some were just too close together.  The big dogs and occasional junk yards weren't my cup of tea either.  I guess I'm just too finicky!!  It's hard when you already live in your dream house.

Not too far from the Chance residence I found five new homes under construction.  I stopped to ask if this was a subdivision or they were already sold.  All on one acre lots, they weren't even on the market yet.  The Contractor happened to be there ... a REALLY nice guy (married ... you KNOW I always check that out first) and he gave me a tour.  Smaller than my house, they still had a huge 3-car garage for all my junk and extra furniture.  I'll take some pictures and post them later in the week.

Last night the moon was barely showing in the sky, along with Venus, that tiny speck in the bottom right.  Night photography fascinates me.  In the sky, all I could see was a sliver of the moon.  In the image, the entire moon showed up.  It could certainly be better if I drug out the tripod, but I was in a hurry to hit the sack.
Today is the first of two embroidery class days and I have to be ready to go by 7:15, meaning this will be a short blog.  But what about the glass repair??  The company finally called me back and I rescheduled for Friday morning ... 8-12.  That's MUCH better than 12-6, sitting around all afternoon waiting!!  

And I'm OFF!!!


  1. Nancy, don't forget the Michelin Tire deal at FMCA. You buy the tires on line through FMCA and your local dealer puts them on. Rave revues through the FMCA magazine. I have heard of $360 to $600 savings. You buy the tires for less that the dealer can buy them and Michelin pays for the installation. If your not a member its $60 to join. Hell of return on your investment. Definitely worth checking out. I also read they are working on a deal with an additional tire manufacturer. Not sure if it is on line yet. You should definitely plan to replace before you venture out in 2018. Jim M

    1. I AM a member Jim!! Thanks ... I'll do just that!!