Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentines Day and The Big Real Estate Deal!

That time of year has rolled around again.  The time when you might do something extra special for your sweetheart ... or your husband, whichever!!  Luckily I get to spend it with the Chance Family.  Not only that, but it's someone's birthday today.  I'm not sure she wants everyone to know, so just keep it between us!!  Dan got flowers for all the women in his family and included me because I was there and he's such a nice guy.   Thank you Dan!!
I'm still not hooked up to 50 amp.  The gentlemen who WAS leaving, DID leave in his car around noon.  Not wanting to waste the whole day, I made brownies after first turning off everything in the rig.  I LOVE my little Breville oven, but it can pull the power down like crazy.  They look okay, right?  That's when I spotted the packet of something on the counter.  Uh oh ... I picked up the box to see what important thing might be in the packet. 

Salted caramel .... drizzle it over the batter and run a knife through BEFORE baking.  Good grief!!  So I did the next best thing.  I ran a knife through the now cooked brownies, then drizzled the caramel.  A little backwards, but it worked, kind of.  Saved again!!
The big real estate deal?  It lasted for two days before crumbling away.  Friend Pat called to say there was a new listing at the top of the hill behind the Chance Ranch.  I ran up to take a look, then called a real estate salesperson.  She was too busy to show the house at that time and put me off until 5:30 pm.  

Dan, Patty and I went together to check it out ... it never hurts to have lots of eyes on the prize.  I needed just a little more information however.  Where was the septic tank and what were the setbacks.  It took me all night long, tossing and turning, to finally make a decision (after three years) to purchase something small and keep my dream home in the armpit of California.  Let's make a deal!!  

An hour later, the realtor called to tell me it was already sold ... a done deal.  I'd have to look elsewhere.  Needless to say, I was crushed.  I was SO crushed, I did a NO-NO.  I called the listing agent.  Are you taking backup offers?  Why yes she said!!  I could hardly contain my enthusiasm.  The view of Tucson from this back porch is the best around, not to mention the house is in immaculate shape and one of the newer ones on the block.
Just because I'm an Accountant and they have to have all their ducks in a row, I called my personal Real Estate Broker in California for some advice on inspections.   She suggested I call the Building Department first for setback information.  I think that was the saddest phone call of my life.  

Front setbacks - 60 feet, and no room for an RV cover, let alone a parking space.  East side setbacks - 40 foot easement.  No building of any kind on that side due to main water and power lines.   The only place to build an RV cover is in the back yard, destroying the beautiful landscape and allowing for a pristine view of my rig.  RATS!  DOUBLE RATS!!  I cancelled the backup offer.

Everyone says it wasn't meant to be ... okay, I'll keep looking.  I grabbed Patty and we were off to check out a couple houses across the ravine.  There's nothing like four-wheeling to your new home.  As we turned on to the dirt road, I heard Patty murmur UH OH!!  What the heck, I've got four wheel drive.  It's an adventure, Patty said!!
I cringed as we bumped along over holes I KNEW were too big for the motorhome.  Then we came to this ravine crossing that had recently washed out.  Down the road and up the other side we went, around the corner and up the hill with our heads almost hitting the roof over a couple of those "small" bumps.  There's no WAY my motorhome is going to make it up here.  The road finally ended in someone's driveway where I almost DID have to shift the transmission to get turned around.    I think I'll pass on that one, but it was a fun ride, none the less!!
Why am I not looking in a "park"?  All my life I've been on the range ... out in the boonies ... with no neighbors.  I'd really like to continue the tradition.  The costs are much less than RV park HOA fees and can be even less when I'm not there.  I'm disappointed I still haven't found a place, but I'll muddle through.  Something is bound to come up SOMEWHERE!!  

Today is Quilt Shop day.  Did you know if you go on your birthday you get a discount based on half your age?  To make it even better, it's the best quilt shop in Tucson!!  

Hopefully I'll get to move on over to a 50 amp this morning so I don't have to worry about Jonathan's heater and the microwave being on at the same time, not to mention my hair dryer.  

Happy Valentines Day!!!


  1. any real estate agency would have a housing listing online
    Or try this
    Go to Craigslist Tucson section Arizona go to craigslist >click on housing,> enter. Keller Williams Southern Arizona in the search bar > enter

    Also while you're in craigslist enter your maximum amount you want to spend on real estate which does better at narrowing your search unless you're looking for a $2 million house that I suggest a real estate agent

    On these you will have to specify the area that you're looking for
    For sale by owner.com

    1. I've been keeping up with Zillow and Realtor.com, but honestly, they are both a little behind. Many houses I went to see were already sold, so I hooked up with the local Multiple Listing Service.

  2. By the way happy Valentine's Day and good hunting

  3. Did you say something about an RV garage


    1. This one is amazing, although just a tad more expensive than I was prepared for. I'm going to go look at it anyway!!

  4. Another little information trick if you find a house that's listed under real estate agent Enter the address Online and a good majority of the time it will pop up with the information you need