Saturday, February 4, 2017

Photographers See Things Differently ....

While at the Farmers Market the other day, Patty talked to a gentleman whose business card said just that.  It's true ... and that can be a blessing or a curse, depending on whether you have your camera and can get to the spot you want to digitally capture.

On this day I only had my iPhone (now THAT was frustrating) but luckily I was still able to capture part of this amazing sunset I showed you yesterday.  I actually see an eagles head and wings.
So it shouldn't surprise me when I was sitting on the couch and spotted THIS!!  I instantly jumped up and grabbed my Nikon to capture the phoenix rising.  Okay, I'm weird ... most photographers are!!  We go down the road saying "that's a good one ... oh oh that's a good one ... look at THAT ... PULL OVER!!"  Many a time I have slammed on the brakes and pulled to the side of the road.
Do you know what this IS?  Really not the greatest of images considering the background, but I was in a hurry to capture the steam coming off the hardboiled eggs I just peeled.  You can see on this one I interrupted the air flow just enough to make it swirl.
This happens every time you boil eggs or water for that matter, but you probably never noticed.  It helps that the sun is streaming through the window, making it more visible.
See anything here?  Patty says it's a human face with an arm reaching out.  This could be the curse part ... when I look at this image on my bigger computer screen, I see a perfect skull.  You never know what you are going to capture.  It's like seeing kitties in the clouds!!
SO ... now that I've thrilled you with my weird way of seeing things, I'll get back to business.  Today I pick up my new embroidery/sewing machine.  Unfortunately, I had an UH OH moment last night when I actually opened one of the design packages.

Everything is on CD's.  You can either put it in your computer and hook that up to the machine with a USB connection, or copy them to a thumb drive and do the same.  There's one rather large problem.  My MacBook Pro is built for photography.  In order to keep it light enough, they took the CD player OUT.  I did purchase an external one, but I never use it, so it's at home in my desk.

In a mild panic, I tried to use Dan's Windows computer, to no avail.  It's been too long and I'm not up on the latest version.  Late last night I called Apple in desperation.  No way am I getting my machine and not be able to use it.  Happily, they had one in the store sort of on the way, so I'll pick it up today and be able to use my machine after all.  That TWO of everything rule keeps raising it's head.  

I've picked out some designs to start with, so also on the way, I'll stop in at a quilt store and get a few pieces of fabric to go with the shirt and towel I bought at Patty's little Thrift Shop here in Vail.  I'm chomping at the bit ... I can't wait to get started!!


  1. That is so true

    If photographers only photographed in the box we wouldn't have any spectacular photographs
    Out of the box Photos are like vitamins you need to take at least one a day

    In your last photo it looks like a little girl is sitting down looking up at something
    But then again that's what my eyes see

    1. Interesting, right? The farther away I am, the more the image changes. Loving it!!

  2. So I'm confused, obviously those boiled eggs are haunted with the skull and witches dancing and all. Was that in the Chance Ranch or your motor home? Me thinks you will not be getting much sleep tonight now that you are going to have a new infernal machine to work with. Good Luck with your new toy. Jim M

    1. That was in my rig Jim, and you're right ... no sleep ... but for a slightly different reason.

  3. My Mac doesn't have a CD drive either. But, I bet my husband has one stashed somewhere.

    1. I picked one up at Apple about an hour away, but somewhat near my destination. Took me seconds to download the files.

  4. My understanding of 2015 mac stop making the Mac book pro with the CD drive
    But their option is called a super drive
    But prior to that I have never heard of them not having one
    the cartridge does not pop out,,, you insert it in the slot
    But just in case you really don't have one
    Walmart target Best Buy USB External slotted CD drive are usually less than 25 bucks Mac. compatible
    Just be careful There's a mini disc and a standard CD disc
    The mini disc cannot be inserted into standard drive,,,,unless the tray opens up
    Also if you upload all your embroidering disks to your computer then download it to a USB stick Your embroidering machine should display all of that as your files,,, and that should illuminate using your computer

    1. I got an Apple model. I know you can get them cheaper, but like all those phone cords I bought, in about a month, they quit working.