Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Stars, The Moon and Fajitas

There's one thing I can never get enough of in Arizona and that's the sunsets and night lights.  I was up around 4:00 am for this 60 second shot of the night sky.

I grabbed my tripod from the bedroom closet, flinging shoes and bags everywhere, trying to get set up before the sun rose.  Those things aren't exactly user friendly in the daylight, so you can imagine my floundering in the dark.  At least I was close to concrete, making it a little easier.  Now to attach the camera.  Not my usual tripod, I had a heck of a time getting the too big camera to fit into the latching system.

Finally shutting my eyes and concentrating, I got it!!  I'm thinking I should practice a little more with this contraption!!  I clicked the button and held it down for a wide open shot of the sky.  Hopefully those little stars would shine bright enough to capture.  Thirty seconds later, I let go.  In case you didn't know, it takes just as long for the picture to show up (so you can see if you got anything at all) as it did taking it.  I waited.

The screen was black.  Rats!!  I tried again, this time for 35 seconds, or so I thought as I counted in my head.   Still black.   That's when disaster hit.  I moved just enough for Dan's motion sensor garage light to come on.  Well for heaven's sake!!  I waited patiently, no idea how long, for it to go out.

Finally I counted all the way up to 60 seconds and VOILA!!  I had stars.  Yes they look a little blurred, long and skinny.  That's because in that 60 seconds, the earth rotated just a tad, making the stars little strings across the sky.  Pretty cool!  Next time I'll take a flashlight and my watch for a longer shot.  In order words, I should be more prepared!!
The night before, this was the evening scene.  There haven't been many amazing sunsets since I've been here, but THIS night it was double the beautiful.  As the sun was setting in the West, the moon was already up in the East.
It was a 360 degree dazzling sunset.
I clicked away.  LOVE the clouds here in Arizona, except when they are full of rain like predicted for today.
While Dan was in California delivering a motorhome, Patty and I whipped up some ugly steak fajitas of epic proportions.  Seared in a cast iron skillet, the steak came out perfectly tender and delicious.  It was the cleanup that was a bear.  Remember, never EVER use dish soap in cast iron.  Salt works wonders at removing gunk.  
Although we've said the bad word DIET almost every single morning, a quick trip to Walmart was required, and what should we pass but a FREDDY'S ... as in frozen custard ice cream.  The Turtle variety has lots of caramel and toasted pecans, not to mention the whipped cream and cherries.  Yes, it was worth every pound on my hips!!
Back home, I took apart the stove to clean up the frying mess.  Me thinks we should have used the barbecue instead of the stove!!

Today I'm moving over to the Fairgrounds before my tanks overflow.  The Workcampers said they are getting quickly booked in 50 amp sites, one of which has my name on it.   The new section hasn't been completed yet,  but I'm sure it will be in business in time for the Escapade.  They just have some grading to do.   At $125 a week, it's a great place to stay, but sssssshhhhhh ... it's a secret!!

It's time to head 'em up, move 'em out and find someplace to pack away my new embroidery toy!!

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