Wednesday, February 8, 2017

A Little Birdie Told Me

I had no idea there were so many birds in Arizona.  After all, this is the desert, except for that big city with all the back yards.  Out here South of Tucson in the middle of sand and sagebrush there are hundreds of dove, quail and a little red-headed finch-like critter.  They talk to me every time I leave the rig.

Mostly they say things like "get those dogs out of here" or "you're interrupting my dinner".  They all line up on the fence every morning.  A little birdie told me this is breakfast heaven (brunch city) and the free buffet is ALWAYS open.

As you can see, there are several feeders that send out a calling card to every bird in the neighborhood.  No matter if you are too big for the feeder, the little guys will kick out seed to the waiting hoards on the ground below.
Like any good restaurant, the customers are lined up waiting for the door to open.
Both of these feeders were full yesterday.   The quail have their own feeding station on the other side of my rig.  I love hearing all the tweets and calls.
What a beauty.  In the afternoons they disappear, probably to take a quick nap before the next dinner bell rings.  There are at least 50 birds hanging around, maybe more, by 4:00.  If you're quiet, they keeping eating and fighting over the food.  If you move, they disappear in a flash to the whoosh of beating wings.  Two minutes later, they are back.
Mr. Chance went to work at the RV store yesterday where he drives ... what else ... RV's, while Patty and I prepared for the cleaning gals.  Us youngsters need a little help now and then.  While all that was going on, I had my machine going and going like the Energizer Bunny.  Although they say you can set it and go do something else, they lie.

In no time I had an entire black witch's dress outlined in white when something went south in the bobbin area.  My seam ripper and I have become good friends as I spent an hour trying to rip it out.  Am I using it too much?  Probably, but if it's going to fail, I want it to fail while I'm here and can get it fixed.    This one was pretty intricate, especially when I discovered the directions were incomplete and in the wrong order.    No matter, I got it done anyway.
In between embroidery squares, I gave Mr. Stinky Butt a bath, his least favorite thing in the entire world.  Don't tell Dan, but Cooper fits in their kitchen sink rather nicely.  Once blow dried, trimmed and fluffy, he's pretty lovable!!
I'm on my own today as Miss Patty goes to work .. not really work, it's a labor of love.  She donates her time and expertise to the new Thrift Shop about a mile from the ranch.  It's time for me to hit the road with my camera and see what trouble I can get into.  After all, I can't (or shouldn't) bore you with embroidery pictures forever!!

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