Monday, March 2, 2015

I Lost The Fight!!

Yesterday was Sunday, I think.  I could tell because the neighborhood kids ran around screaming most of the day.  That's okay ... I enjoyed the company!!  It was sunny and warm, a nice day to spend playing with the puppies on the lawn and reading a book in the sunshine, wearing a black long sleeve shirt, hoping to warm up a little.  I made a couple more trips to the RV hiding places and pulled out this beauty.  Although I wish it was a "real" basket, those $3500 price tags just sting a little too much ... so yes, this is a FAKE ... but a nice fake.  It even has REAL leather braiding around the edges!!
I do think it's time to unload the belly of the rig and reorganize.  I can't seem to fit everything back inside that I took out ... I'm losing that fight!  You know about us girls and our tools, right?  She who has the most can fix anything.  Trouble is, MY rather empty toolbox is taking up a LOT of space!!  I found it much easier to keep most everything inside the rig where I use it most, in a much smaller version.  I probably wouldn't be able to fix everything even if I HAD the tools!!

I spent an hour on the internet trying to return this gorgeous pair of cowboy boots.  I purchased them just before leaving last summer.  The site said they would arrive BEFORE I left, which of course they didn't.  When they were delivered two days AFTER I drove away, I had a friend pick them up. Although the same size as my other pair (same brand), they are WAY too small.  I tried to talk them out of their 30 day return policy, but I lost that fight too.  I'm guessing these are the equivalent of a 7-1/2 medium, even though they say 8-1/2.  I thought since they still have this style available on their site, they would at least do an exchange, but I was hit with a resounding NO.

Unfortunately, these are a pretty expensive pair of boots I'm stuck with.  If anyone is interested, they can have them for $200, which includes a BIG discount!  There is a charity event coming up ... I might just be able to donate them to the silent auction and write the cost off my taxes!!  Still, I'd rather have the boots!!!
The rest of the day I cut out and sewed another quilt top.  After an iPhone update, the colors are worse than ever ... it really does look better in person.  I'm hoping the puppies like this one ... it's going to be the couch cover in the rig!!
Since my computer is working nicely, it's time to start planning for this summer.  I'm heading to Bend Oregon for a quilting fix and some motorhome repairs, then over to the coast to spend a few months.  Anyone have any favorite places to stop?  Since I'm a Thousand Trails member, I'll probably stay at their parks ... I can't beat the price, it's free!!  Time to sharpen my pencil and make a list as I hear rain hitting the roof!!  YAY for rain!!!


  1. We like the Seaside and Whalers Rest Thousand Trails parks on the Oregon Coast.

    1. Thank you Betty ... I think I remember Whalers Rest. On the way back from Alaska we stayed at several, but I can never remember the locations!!