Sunday, March 29, 2015

Did You EVER ....... ??

Did you ever get up one morning and find a pulled muscle in your leg that you didn't know you had?  Yesterday was the day for me.  Actually, it's an old running injury from trying to keep up with the pack going up a 45 degree hill.  I'm SURE it was that steep as I limped down the other side.  I guess I aggravated it while working at the ranch, because I could hardly move one leg forward.

Did you ever think you wanted to go somewhere, like maybe a quilt store ... you showered and dressed, fixed your hair and makeup, gathered everything up including your list of material requirements and headed to the truck?  Two blocks away from the house your brain says ... I don't really want to drive an hour out and an hour back ... I just want to go home.  So you turn around and drive home??  Yup ... that was me!!

Did you ever think you wanted to cook shrimp and grits (polenta) because you saw it on TV and it looked SOOOOOOO easy?  Well it wasn't easy at all!!  The frozen raw shrimp from Texas, once cooked, were so iodine tasting and tough that they went in the trash can ... the ENTIRE bag.

Did you ever try to cook polenta??  You shouldn't cook shrimp and grits in the first place unless you are from the south ... and you shouldn't try to cook polenta unless you're Italian.  I'm neither, so disaster followed in Nancy's kitchen, as she turned her head for just a second, to look back and find the entire stove covered with molten lava as it rolled and boiled out of the pot all over the stove!!

Did you ever try to clean up molten polenta from your beautiful gas stove???

Did you ever just leave the back door open for the dogs because you were too tired to get up and let them out?  What happens when you do that is flies come in by the dozens!!

Did you ever spend literally the entire day on the couch because you were achey breakey and just didn't want to move??  It was so hard to sit up and reach for the TV remote that I watched some horrible B-Grade SyFy movies that had me laughing at the acting and movie sets, causing even more pain!!

Did you ever go to bed without making it up first??  I had thrown the sheets in the laundry early in the morning and my foggy achey brain forgot about them.  By 9:00 pm there was no way I could make the bed, so I just threw the comforter on top and rolled up in it like a burrito, snuggled with the puppies and went to sleep ... at least for a little while.

Did you ever dream you were in a vehicle flying through the air about to crash??  It wakes you up REAL quick!!!

Did you ever try to type a blog when you are still achey breakey and your fingers won't hit the right keys so you have to make corrections every other word?  

Did you ever spend TWO days on the couch??  That's were I'm headed right now.  Hopefully sometime today I can get the bed made and kill all those flies!!  Don't worry, I'm done with shrimp and grits!!!

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