Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A False Start ....

The rig was packed and I was ready this morning to head to Sacramento ... until I noticed that pain in my side hadn't gone away.  In fact, it had kept me awake most of the night.  GRRRRR ....

I figured a quick trip back to the Urgent Care would result in a fast "okay" to go, but it was not to be. The nagging ache in the kidney area actually resulted in a more thorough exam than I've had in 25 years.  Exciting, right??  

Wrong ... after six hours of EKG and sonograms, draining me of three vials of blood for tests and a couple more thrown in for good measure, the final result was .... wait for it ........................ we can't find anything wrong and don't know why your back hurts where your kidneys are.

Okay then ..... I'll be leaving TOMORROW morning, slightly behind schedule!!  I was hoping for something more dramatic so I would have fodder for the blog, but I guess I'm pretty happy they didn't find anything!!

Here's hoping tomorrow morning goes a little better!!!