Friday, April 29, 2011

Last Day In Paradise

Time to start packing ... it's my last day in Maui for this year.  Heading out to find a few more trinkets, but am seriously short of packing space.  I already sent off one box and am having a little trouble stuffing 36" fins into a 30" backpack.  Since my camera battery died, I don't have many more pics to post.   I did find a charger for $69, only to discover that I need a new battery altogether.  Thankfully one of my friends has the same camera that broke a few months ago.  She says I can use her battery, which still seems to be working.  I guess the little ones really are throwaways ... a new battery costs more than the camera did originally.
This bunch of fresh bananas right from the tree were stashed by the front door to ripen.  No wonder everyone around here makes banana bread!!  They ripened just in time for a nice banana smoothie for breakfast.

Lastly there are these beautiful little flowers right outside my front door.  I never took a good look until yesterday ... those camera phones do come in handy ... both these pics came from mine.
They say you can't take good photos with an I-Phone, but I'm thinking you can!!  I like this one.

I have two days to finish my photo project when I get back, then 3 days dog sitting in Sacramento while I plan my next trip.  See you soon!!

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