Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Day About Town

Having run in the morning yesterday at a fast pace, I decided to veg out and work on the needlepoint I brought as I watch and listen to the waves out my patio door.  Unfortunately I had forgotten to bring a needle threader .. oh gee ... I need to make a shopping trip!!!
As I've been driving around, I've seen these gorgeous yellow trees and decided to check them out.  After getting yelled at for driving on the school grounds without permission (oops!) I found this group by the Kihei Aquatic Center (a huge pool open to the public).
It's funny that all of the flowers are at the very top of the tree, as you can see here.  I discovered quickly NOT to stand underneath it ... the flowers were falling off by the bunches and were quite sticky.

Everywhere you go there are Shave Ice stands.  For those that haven't tried it, it's a must.  Although  only the true ones comes from Hawaii, I do think you can get them in the states.  GOOD ones include a huge scoop of ice cream (any flavor) covered by packed shave ice and smothered in syrups, usually a choice of 2 or 3.  Here's the one I picked up while shopping ...
They are awesome ... but NOT this one.  Only vanilla ice cream and not near the amount of syrup I got at the stand in Lahaina.  Chocolate ice cream with red raspberry and watermelon syrup!  YUM!!!!

So bright and early this morning I went out snorkeling (with my new Oceanic fins) and took my camera so I could show how it looks underwater.  Here is the result ...
Pretty ugly, huh?  In all the times I have come here, it has NOT looked like this.  Don't know if it's cuz I'm a couple weeks earlier than normal ... maybe the Japan earthquake?  Weather has been warm, waves have been huge all day long and as you can see, or not, there is so much sand and algae in the water that visibility is zero, even at some distance from the shore.  Reminds me of the viz diving at Monterey.  So I turned around and came back.  Hopefully before I leave I will get something to show you the variety of beautiful fish that live in these waters.

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